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Kristen Stewart and Rose Glass set to work together on queer bodybuilding romance, and we’re already thirsting hard

Kristen Stewart and Rose Glass

Kristen Stewart never misses an opportunity to flex, whether it's her collaboration with fashion heavy weight Chanel, or her Oscar nominated performances, she continues to go from strength to strength. Now it seems we'll be seeing her working those muscles for real in her new Rose Glass film for A24, Love Lies Bleeding. A film that will focus on the strength of a relationship, and the brute force of bodybuilding.

What do we know about Love Lies Bleeding?

The news comes after Glass's previous film Saint Maud, the story of a young woman a little too caught up in Christianity, was sadly shelved due to the pandemic restrictions. Dubbed as a romantic thriller, Love Lies Bleeding will star Stewart as an overprotective girlfriend of a bodybuilder. While not much has been revealed about the plot so far, the plot has been described as a 'romance fuelled by ego, desire and the American Dream'. This comes as the second queer co-lead film of Stewart's following on from the Christmas romcom hit Happiest Season. The film has yet to cast Stewart's co-star but given the subject matter we anticipate it will be someone thoroughly ripped and smokin' hot.



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What else can we expect coming up from Kristen Stewart?

Stewart continues to make a lot of exciting moves in both the film and TV department, including the teasing of an upcoming project with fiancee Dylan Myer. Not much has been revealed on the project, but Stewart intends to act while Myer will spearhead the writing on the project. The untitled new series looks to begin development within the next few months. We'll be sure to keep you updated on any new developments on the duo's blossoming career. Until then, we'll continue to stay thirsty for all of their hot couple shots that continue to crop up on their Instagram feed.


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