The June New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini wants you to look at the bigger picture

stars in night sky with crescent moon

The June New Moon greets us this week on June 10 at 8:52pm AEST. And it will be a unique one as it comes alongside a Solar Eclipse. Unfortunately, it will only be select regions of Northern America, particular a strip through Canada, that will get to see it. But we'll all feel its affects none the less.

Arriving in the sign of Gemini, this New Moon comes at a rather chaotic time. With Saturn and Mercury in retrograde, and then throwing in a Solar Eclipse New Moon, it is a recipe for some rather intense energy.


What to expect from the Solar Eclipse New Moon

Consider a Solar Eclipse a New Moon on steroids. All the effects of a New Moon are supercharged for a few reasons. First, eclipses symbolise sudden new beginnings - in a good way. They work to shift us back onto our higher paths, reorienting on a journey to the bigger picture. Ordinarily, New Moons are the best time in the Moon Cycle to set goals, refresh and plan for the future - even using ritual and manifestation. So a New Moon combined Solar Eclipse is a particularly powerful time to do this. And you'll find greater results from the work you invest now. Then, of course there's the impact a Solar Eclipse and New Moon has on our signs.

A Solar Eclipse means both the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign - in this instance Gemini. This is giving us a double dose of chatty, airy energy. But with Mercury in Retrograde ready and waiting to muddle our thoughts and breakdown our communication, Gemini's social mood propelling us to be talkative, may do more harm than good. So just understand that while we're all feeling a little more chatty and ready to connect, sometimes wires get crossed. As a general rule, always try to assume good intent.

Naturally, it's not all bad news. Gemini, in addition to bringing out our social and chatty nature, opens up our inquisitive side. You'll be feeling this influence on both your inner self (ruled by the Moon) and outer self (ruled by the Sun). This feeling will help us open ourselves up and ask the right questions, ultimately encouraging us to make the most of the refreshing, "new start" energy the Solar Eclipse New Moon is offering us. Do feel influenced to research and discover. Do ask more questions. Do explore new possibilities. And do not limit yourself.


Which signs will be most affected?

Naturally Gemini will be feeling this celestial event more than most. With the Sun and Moon both in your sign the energy around you will be making you feel particularly at home. It has the benefit of heightening your positive traits but the negative effect of amplifying your bad ones. Do stay true to your happy, social self. But try not to let your inquisitive side make you nosy and your impulsive side from making you extra flaky.

Pisces will also be particularly affected, but in a good way. Gemini's influence will encourage Pisces to explore and discover, which is a very beneficial influence for this mystic and creative sign. You will feel particularly inspired and likely do your best work around this time.

Taurus on the other hand may not have such an easy time. Lover of beautiful things, Tauruses love serenity, peace and bonding with nature. So Gemini's hyper-energetic and extravagantly social mood won't gel particularly well with you. Just take it as a sign to try and come out of your shell and socialise while you can. It's a pandemic after all, we may be back in lockdown next week, take the opportunity to go out while you can.


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Image: Benjamin Voros on Unsplash