Your June horoscopes: here’s what’s in store for you this month

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Following on from the intensity of the Super Blood Moon, we now find ourselves entering Saturn Retrograde whilst also tackling Mercury's second retrograde for 2021. But of course it's not all bad. Geminis will be feeling extra cosy, Scorpios will be focusing on their careers and Aries will be feeling extra chatty.

To see what's in store for you, Astrologer Clarisse Monahan shares your monthly horoscopes below.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Until the Solstice on the 21st, we’re in breezy, chatty Gemini season, but, paradoxically, you might not be in full gift-of-gab mode this month. Your ruling planet, Mercury, the Messenger, is retrograde until the 22nd of June. On the one hand, the Sun will be lighting up your 1st House of Self, strengthening your natural tendencies to chat, charm, gossip, and socialise. But, on the other, Mercury retrograde will be slowing down your loquacity and expressivity. Texting, email, and communication, in general, might feel oddly plodding or difficult compared to usual. But this can be a good thing: retrogrades are about re-assessing and taking stock. Maybe you should be thinking twice about things you’re saying and to whom. Use this retrograde to put the brakes on your silver-tongue and actually express yourself more deeply to those that matter most. On the 21st, the Sun moves into Cancer and your 2nd House of Money. Cancer rules the home, so you may find yourself wanting to drop some cash to spruce up your own hearth.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

With the Sun transiting your 12th House of the Unconscious until the Solstice, you might have an especially emotional June, as your deep watery nature merges with that 12th House reservoir of repressed longings. Often this house is seen as a site of bad energy or bad spirit, but it is also the house of letting go. In other words, the 12th invites us to clarify or come to terms with the past and its secrets. Keep in mind that we are also in Gemini season until the Solstice. Gemini facilitates expression and communication. Use the first part of the month, therefore, to vocalise 12th House hang-ups--your Cancer soul will feel much lighter, if you do. When the Sun switches into your 1st House of Self on the Solstice, make your season about self-care rather than caring for others--and don’t feel guilty about this. Cancer season is the time for you to re-charge. You can be the shoulder to cry on when Leo season comes along. The most powerful day of the month will be the Full Moon on the 24th in your relationship sector. You’ve had straight-jacket Saturn bearing down on the last 3 Full Moons happening in this zone. On the 24th, have a sans Saturn celebration with friends and loved ones until the break of dawn, because Saturn, the time-keeper, is finally gone.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You’ve got your ruling planet, the Sun, in your 11th House of Friendship and Humanitarianism until the Solstice. When coupled with Gemini season, the Sun in your 11th will have you feeling super social and perhaps grandiose when it comes to plans. But Gemini energy can also be flakey, so make sure to actually honor important commitments with friends. Be aware, too, steroidal Mars, careens into your 1st House of Self on the 11th of June. Mars and the Sun mean a lot of fire-power up in your chart for the month, so be careful about coming across as overly self-assured, that is to say, arrogant. This self-assurance is going to deflate somewhat on the 21st when the Sun moves to Cancer and into your murky 12 House of the Unconscious. The Self tends to go introspective with 12th House solar transits, especially with watery emotional Cancer in the mix. A lot of that early June fire will, therefore, be neutralised with darker self-reflection. When it comes down to it, this 12th House transit is not the best placement for Leo--cats hate water, and this transit is going to feel like a long bath in murky waters.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Your ruling planet, Mercury, the Messenger, is known for its analytic, precise nature--that’s why it rules your sign. Indeed you are nothing if not analytic, precise, practical, technical, and perfectionistic. The problem for part of this month is that your ruling planet is going retrograde until the 22nd of June. Retrogrades can make things seem off-brand, and, as such, you may feel less sharp, less quick, and less clear during this Mercury transit. One lesson: accept that your perfectly crafted company memos might be marred by uncharacteristic ambiguity until the Messenger goes direct on the 22nd. The end of Mercury’s retrograde coincides with the start of Cancer season, where the Sun will be moving into your 11th House of Friendship and Humanitarianism. Cancer energy in the 11th House will have you feeling deeper emotional connections with friends and also with collectivities. Because watery Cancer is overflowing by nature, you may find yourself again feeling less exact than usual. And that’s OK. Expect June to be less austere minimalism and more shabby chic.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

This month is all about your 10th House of Career and Social Status. You have your ruling planet, Venus, highlighting this area at the beginning of June. And then, on the 21st, the Sun moves there, too, as we shift into caring Cancer season. This extended phase of 10th House activity is going to have two district qualities: ease with work and then emotional connection to it. Indeed the beginning of the month will be characterised by the social ease that comes with Venus, but also with Gemini season. In these two forces, you got social charm infusing the 10th House. As such, you may find that you are receiving help on projects without having to ask, or that you are being recognised by bosses or authority figures for work you’ve done, or that you are able to effortlessly balance a multitude of tasks and responsibilities. Be careful, however, not to spend too much time chatting at the water cooler with colleagues. When Cancer season begins expect a change in feeling about work. Cancer is governed by care and emotional investment in others. Whereas the beginning of the month was productive yet easy, you will be experiencing an upsurge in caring about your career and co-workers as we move toward month’s end.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

On June 11th, Mars, your ruling planet brings all its heat, ambition, and tension to your 10th House of Career and Social Status. This is a dynamite placement--explosive and intense. Your laser focus will be even more focused with Mars supercharging your House of Career. And since this transit involves social recognition, you will find yourself more prone to competitive posturing with co-workers. Remember, too, that Gemini season coincides with this transit. Gemini’s influence can lead to unguarded speech. When we combine Mars’ belligerence and Scorpio’s intensity with Gemini’s potential for a loose-tongue, we could get some potential drama in the workplace involving regrettable things said in anger. Just try to keep things cool from the 14th to the 21st. That’s a testy week. But on the Solstice, Cancer season starts. The Sun will be lighting up your 9th House of Truth and Philosophy. Hopefully Cancer-Sun energy in this House will have you caring for higher truths more than battles for worldly status.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

For most of this year, your ruling planet--jovial Jupiter--has been hemmed up as a house guest in Aquarius under the watchful eye of Saturn, the disciplinarian. This has not been a good placement for Jupiter who feels constricted there. By extension, you, too, have likely been feeling the doldrums somewhat. Last mid-month, however, Jupiter moved back into its home in Pisces, the beach front property of the zodiac, and you should be enjoying this nice, albeit short transit. Jupiter and Pisces together are all about expansion and togetherness and good vibes and figurative sunlight. Live this transit to the fullest with some travel or revelry because on the 20th Jupiter goes retrograde which will be a bit of a bummer for the Archer. Retrogrades indicate times of reflection and introspection--re-assessing and re-examining. If the first part of the month had you feeling like taking some journey toward twilit harbours, the Solstice will take you more inward, both with Jupiter’s retrograde and with the beginning of Cancer season, always a time of more emotional soul-seeking and less merry-making.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

This month is a good time for your chief-executive nature which is always planning ahead. You are known as the goat that dwells among mountaintops for a reason: you get there by taking tiny steps, meticulously plotted along narrow paths. The next peak on your horizon will be October 10th--which is when Saturn, your ruling planet, stops its yearly retrograde in your 2nd House of Money. Retrogrades are, by their nature, times of reflection, planning, and re-examining. When combined with your own inclination toward foresightfulness, you should take this Solstice as a starting point to set up some new 2nd House financial goals--either big or small. When Saturn starts moving forward again, you should be atop some new mountain vista enjoying the largesse of the scene because of the steps you start taking now. Pay attention to the full moon in Capricorn, as well, on the 24th of June. Full moons represent climaxes, culminations, and closures, especially when occurring in your sign. This should be a day to wrap up an older, lingering project as you look forward to October.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

This has been a heavy Solstice to Solstice run of transits for you: the every 20 years Grand Conjunction in your sign last December with Jupiter and Saturn; the big 5 planet stellium in February that hadn’t happened since the 1960s; and now you’ve got a Uranus/Saturn ”square” on the 14th of the Month. A “square” is when you have two planets at cosmic loggerheads with each other, that is, 90 degrees apart on the zodiac wheel. Unlike an easy sextile or conjunction, squares are difficult, ornery, and uncomfortable. With this in mind, your two ruling planets--Saturn and Uranus--square one another on the 14th (although you will be feeling the tension of this square all month). On the one hand, you will feel taskmaster Saturn in your House of Self putting pressure on you to do things the “right” way. On the other hand, unconventional Uranus will be pulling you toward doing quirky things in your 4th House of Home. Do you move toward a new way of living (Uranus/Home) or keep things solid and stable (Saturn/Self)? A very exciting square for you.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Starting last month, your ruling planet Jupiter--always generous, giving, and game--has been at home in your sign luxuriating after months in austere Aquarius. Enjoy Jupiter’s continued, expansive presence for the next few weeks, because it goes retrograde on the 20th, right as we enter into the Solstice and Cancer season. What’s more: your other ruler, dreamy Neptune, who is also currently in your 1st House of Self, retrogrades on the 25th. While these retrogrades will start to block your free-flowing nature somewhat, you will nonetheless be feeling flush for the remainder of Gemini season with abounding creativity til the Solstice. Indeed Neptune’s dreamy artsiness combined with Gemini’s curiosity and Jupiter’s sense of dramatic scale should have you pushing past limits and boundaries in your thinking, feeling, and creative output. Surround yourself with art, film, and music--either to get inspired by it or make it. Once Jupiter and Neptune go retrograde, you may feel a contraction of this creative spirit, especially since Jupiter is returning to dour Saturn-ruled Aquarius for the rest of the year.


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You have an interesting month ahead in terms of verbal expression. The Sun in talkative Gemini will be lighting up your 3rd House of Communication, so anticipate a strong impulse to be chatty and gossipy (Gemini speech tends toward the more superficial kind). But here is the rub: Mercury, the Messenger, is going retrograde in your 3rd House until the 22nd, as well. So you will want to talk a lot (Sun in 3rd House+Gemini) but with Mercury stymied you can expect delays in messaging or confusion in communication. To add another layer to this: the Gemini Twins are all about doubleness—however, with Mercury in retrograde, this can easily lead to people reading double meanings into what you’re saying. Resist the urge to opine too much or even innocently gossip during this transit, lest your words get misconstrued. On the 21st, the Sun moves into Cancer and your 4th House of Home. This is a different kind of doubleness: Cancer rules the home and you have a Cancer Sun in your 4th House, meaning extra Netflix vibes by the hearth after the Solstice.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Until the Solstice, the Sun in Gemini energises your 2nd House of Money. As Gemini is inquisitive and chatty by nature, you may find yourself wanting to talk about or research into financial schemes more. On the 2nd of June, Venus, Planet of Money, enters into your 3rd House of Communication which will also amplify money-talk. And finally, lucky Jupiter will be highlighting your 11th House of Friendships this month, so perhaps some financial opportunity awaits through talking with friends or networking. Jupiter is a social planet, moreover, and is said to find its “joy” in the 11th House, so until the Solstice good Jupiter vibes will have you feeling excited and energised around friends. One thing to keep in mind: Mercury, the Messenger, is retrograde until the 22nd. Retrogrades are about slowing down and re-assessing--so maybe this retrograde around communication during a money transit is asking you to re-think how you’re expressing yourself: are you putting your money where your mouth is?


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Image: Luca Dugaro on Unsplash