July New Moon in Cancer will affect these three signs the most

Our July New Moon arrives at a welcome moment on Saturday July 10 with its least visible moment at 11:16 am. It comes at a time when we really need it most. New Moons are a moment to take a breath, a period of refresh. With the current turmoil brought forth in July, we need clean slate more than ever. But beware, this celestial event will be an emotional one. A time that will see you bearing your soul in a way you perhaps haven't before.


What to expect from the July New Moon in Cancer?

New Moons mark the beginning of any lunation (or moon cycle). They mark the energetic close of the themes of the previous Moon Cycle and clear the way for the new energy we wish to take with us into the next. This is the time to engage in manifestations, the best time to plant the seeds of intention you wish to harvest over the next few weeks - whether that be personal goals, new heights in your job or the desire for a new love to grow.

This particular New Moon falls in the Water sign of Cancer, as such Cancerian energy will be the ruling mood over this period. And expect to really feel it. At this time the Sun is also sitting in Cancer and since the Moon, guardian of emotions and our inner selves, is already more broadly ruled by Cancer, you should expect to feel the full weight of what Cancer offers. On one side, this is creativity, a love of creature comforts and and creating safe spaces. This energy offers us the opportunity to walk into the new lunation with a renewed priority for self care, a true appreciation for the cosiness of home and feeling inspired in our work, hobbies and love life.

On the other side, Cancer is volatile and deeply emotional. It feel deeply, both its own emotions but also the feelings of others. Almost as if this sign can taste the emotions in a room and feel affected by them. It means that during this moment of rebirth, we'll all be feeling a little more fragile. And since Cancers is not a sign that encourages us to speak openly about our feelings, it can certainly fuel the flames of passive aggression. Advice? Tread lightly, with those around you but also with yourself. This is not the time to be brash. Be delicate with your loved ones and be kind to yourself. Take the time you need to look after yourself. Especially since Cancer is a sign that also encourages self care in all forms - and self care is a useful mood to bring into the new Moon Cycle.

Remember, this New Moon period will feel intense right until the Moon leaves Cancer and enters Leo on late on July 11.


Who will be most affected by the July New Moon in Cancer?

It will prove to be a frustrating time for our Aquarian friends. While these people have a lot of emotions, they're not fond of showing them or dealing with other people's. So a period of heightened emotional sensitivity is going to make these people uncomfortable. They do not like dealing with tears. Aries will struggle too. While they're also naturally emotional people, their emotions tend to manifest as anger, brashness and hot-headedness. This brazen modus operandi is not what is needed at the moment and, could risk causing a lot of upset to the sensitised people around them. Aries will need to tone down their fire in order to make it through unscathed. The advice for both is to not let these negative feeling colour your ability to set positive intentions for the lunation ahead.

Naturally, Cancer will also be affected. While having the Sun and the Moon in your sign can feel energising and comforting to some signs, it will not to Cancer. Looking at our astrological matches, Cancers are often the worst match to other Cancers. The Moon will serve to only make you more sensitive and as such, you may feel really overwhelmed by your feelings and the feelings of those around you. Remember to take a breath and embrace the renewal the New Moon offers - and try and pour yourself into your creative pursuits. You're at your best when you're making and creating.


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Image: KYLE CUT MEDIA on Unsplash