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Julia Fox can add scream queen to her résumé

Julia Fox Goat film

It should come as no surprise that Julia Fox has booked herself a new starring role, this time in the psychological horror Goat. Fox has proved herself as a force to be reckoned with across various fields, and her acting career is only half the story.

She's a DIY fashion queen – so much so she bagged a TV show based on her improvised looks, a best-selling memoirist, and has taken the crown for one of the most relatable celebrities on TikTok. So you can bet that when a minor role in Uncut Gems launched her into the mainstream, it was only natural that she leveraged the opportunity to kickstart an acting career. Now, it seems as though Fox might be carving out a niche for herself as a scream queen, if her latest roles are anything to go off.

Not only is Julia Fox set to act alongside Marlon Wayans and Tyriq Withers in Goat, a project directed by Justin Tipping and produced by Jordan Peele via his production company Monkeypaw. She also appears in Steven Soderbergh's Presence – her second time working with the Erin Brockovich director – an original ghost horror that premiered at Sundance this year. Does this qualify her for scream queen status? Either way, this path makes sense.

For those curious about Goat, the only details we have around the plot at this stage is that it follows a "promising young athlete who is invited to train with a team’s retiring star" per Deadline. We imagine Withers will play the young athlete, while Wayans will take the mentor role. It's not yet clear what Fox's part will involve.

No release date has been set just yet either. But Goat will debut under the banner of Universal Pictures. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for further details.


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Image: @juliafox