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Forget ‘Madame Web’, this is the next Dakota Johnson film you should watch


However you feel about Dakota Johnson's recent Marvel film Madame Web, the good news is it's not your only option. Johnson will star in Daddio, another film due for release this year. Below, find everything we know.


If the idea of a 90 minute taxi ride sounds claustrophobic, then buckle up. Daddio locks audiences in a New York City yellow cab and drives us between JFK Airport to Manhattan, with only conversation between Johnson and an older driver named Clark on his last ride of the evening, played by Sean Penn, for company. It's a simple premise, but the result is riveting.

During that trip, Johnson and Penn's characters bit-by-bit begin to crack each other open. At first, wary of unwelcome advances, Johnson's character is spiky and unaccommodating, constantly checking her phone and fielding any questions that seem too personal. Clark fancies himself a therapist-slash-anthropologist, guessing that his rider has returned from an affair with an older, married man. Bingo.

With each surprising revelation, Clark and Johnson's characters up the ante with tidbits meant to shock and intimate confessions befitting the pressure chamber of a taxi ride. It's a battle-of-the-sexes study between a 30-something woman and an older man that is designed to force audiences to second guess stereotypes and their own biases.

From what the reviews have said so far, it'll make you wistful for the times before Quiet Mode was ever a thing. But first it will make you uncomfortable.


As mentioned, Dakota Johnson and Sean Penn lead. Both are expertly cast as the prickly modern woman and the eager older man. Meanwhile Christy Hall doubles as director and screenwriter for the film.


See the trailer for Daddio, below.

Release date

Daddio premiered at Telluride Film Festival in September 2023, but we expect it will have a theatrical release in May 2024.

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