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Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney are entering the Marvel Universe in ‘Madame Web’

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The Marvel Universe is a task to keep up with, new superheroes seemingly added every month to the extensive list already in existence. And now, there’s a new film we can get on board with: Madame Web, starring none other than Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney.

Who has been cast in Madame Web?

Slated to be the fifth film in the Spiderman franchise, Madame Web commenced filming in July of this year with Johnson portraying Madame Web, having been spotted in the characters red coat while on set. Madame Web has a history of assisting Spiderman in other comics, though it is yet to be revealed if the vigilante arachnid will make an appearance in the film. Adam Scott and Emma Roberts have also been cast in the film, with the former’s presence sparking rumours he may be cast in the role of Peter Parker, leaving the door open for a Spidey cameo. Roberts’ role is yet to be announced.

Sweeney will be starring alongside Johnson, her exact role still to be formally announced. The Euphoria actor has previously said she is a “big fan” of the Marvel Universe and read several comic books while preparing for the film.

What is the plot of Madame Web?

While much of the plot is still to be announced – sensing a covert theme here, or is it just us? – in the original comics, Madame Web is a blind, older woman who has a psychic ability to see inside the spider world and the future, meaning she is extra helpful in sensing impending danger. To add to the plot possibilities, there is also a story told in the comics where Madame Web is injected with a mix of venom and plant extracts, giving her almost identical powers to Spiderman. The official synopsis of the Madame Web film says it will be the origin story of the titular character.

When is the film releasing?

Marvel fans still have a while to wait – Madame Web is slated for release on October 6 2023.

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