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OMG! Julia Fox bags her own fashion competition show

Julia Fox and Law Roach for 'OMG Fashun' series.

One thing about Julia Fox: she's resourceful. From the opportunities in front of her to her wardrobe, the New York it girl knows how to milk the most out of every situation. Have a pair of jeans but no top? Slice the waistband and you now have both! Seeking revenge against an ex? Order 200 hissing cockroaches from Madagascar, and convince a friend to set them free in his club. Now, Fox has bagged a new fashion competition TV series with E! which rewards emerging designers based on their own resourcefulness. Find all the details about the series, entitled OMG Fashun (read in your best vocal fry), below.


What is the show about?

According to Variety, each episode will see three contestants battle it out to recreate a look chosen by Fox with whatever materials have been assembled for the challenge. The brief is a "boundary breaking" moment that would "make fashion’s so-called gatekeepers squirm".

The winner will be selected by Fox, Law Roach, along with a rotating guest judge, and they will receive a $10,000 cash prize as well as the exposure of having their garment modeled by Fox. Julia Fox has often championed emerging and independent designers, sharing their designs with her audiences on social media.


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“Being the most stylish person in the room doesn’t require breaking the bank," says Fox in a press release. "All it takes is creativity and a dash of confidence. My biggest hope is that our viewers will get inspired by what we create on the show and recreate the looks at home using all their old junk they have lying around!”


Who is involved?

As previously mentioned, Law Roach will co-host OMG Fashun alongside Julia Fox. The stylist is best known as the architect behind all of Zendaya's best red carpet moments.


Is there a release date?

OMG Fashun will debut its first two episode on May 6 at 9 pm on E!

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