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Julia Fox wants your unhinged stories for the next season of her podcast, ‘Forbidden Fruits’

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If you're yet to tune into Forbidden Fruitsthe podcast Julia Fox shares with actress Niki Takesh, then I don't know what to tell you. You're missing out. The duo have interviewed everyone from scammers like Caroline Calloway and Anna Delvey to cultural icons like Chloe Cherry and FKA Twigs. We've been discussing it for weeks in the RUSSH office, briefing each other as soon as we finish an episode. Why? Unlike other celebrity podcasts, Fox and Takesh don't beat around the bush – they both go straight for the jugular, extracting all the juicy details from their guests. And while season 1 of Forbidden Fruits has wrapped up, Julia Fox has begun crowdsourcing feedback to take onboard for season 2.

Fox posted one of her signature TikTok videos from the bathtub, where she responded to a person who commented "julia plz start a podcast" with confirmation that she already has one (and you can find it on Spotify). The Uncut Gems actress also revealed that the new season would be complemented with video too, so you can follow along with your eyes as well.

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More to the point, in the video she asks her followers for their input on the recent season. “Could you guys leave comments of any dream guests you guys have, any suggestions, ideas or if you have a crazy story or something that you really think the world needs to know about, anything scandalous. Let me know.”

If you've got an unhinged story bubbling inside, it's time to report it to Ms Fox. And hey, maybe it'll go viral or leave us questioning, "how did Julia and her Birkin get attacked with a machete". As for any guest suggestions, we're crossing our fingers that she brings on her close friend and fashion killer, Richie Shazam. That would be nice.

Until season 2 of Forbidden Fruits drops however, we'll be getting our dose of Julia Fox through her TikTok account. We suggest you do the same.

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