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Julia Fox’s TikTok school is in session, and we are paying attention

Julia Fox TikTok

When Julia Fox first rose to mainstream fame back in January 2022, the world was divided. Some considered her an icon, others couldn't get past the way she pronounced "Uncut Gems" in that one interview. Mostly, we were all polarised. Being famous, for many people, would be a steep shock, even for someone who was reportedly a NYC "It" girl long before she bumped into Ye (formerly Kanye West) at a New Years Eve party. Not for Julia. Somehow, the actor and artist almost seamlessly integrated into the spotlight without so much as a double take. She was on the phone with Interview's Mel Ottenberg from day 1, offering up intimate details about her new romance. In the middle of February, she was telling The Cut, “Celebrities are not that fucking important. You can tell us about your stupid fucking date. We’re in a pandemic. Give people something to talk about. Do your fucking service, do your job.” in response to what it was like when paparazzi photos of the early stages of the relationship were leaked.

The best part about Fox lies within the above quote. She's not afraid to give people something low-stakes to talk about, and she doesn't pretend to be, either. And while during the romance we weren't so keen to support given that Ye was the other half of the relationship, she has only seemingly gotten better in the eyes of the public the further she moves away from him, and the TikTok community are her biggest supporters.

@juliafoxMorning thoughts on parenting♬ original sound - Julia fox


@juliafox #stitch with @thedailyruff ♬ original sound - Julia fox

These days, her dating life or the fact that she used to be a dominatrix is not the topic of conversation, it's her eyebrow bleaching tutorials, or the fact that she's talking about zoning laws, being neurodivergent, and post-partum depression on TikTok, and the more she posts, the more people start to like her, an observation that she recently addressed in a video after a commenter posted that they had changed their mind about her. "I'm the girl that people would go up to and be like 'oh my god you're nothing like people say!'" She says in her response.

On one hand, she is calling the paparazzi on herself – a trick she reveals she learned while dating Ye – (“especially SoHo — they’ll always get you in SoHo”), wearing denim and latex, and the other hand, she's making TikTok's from her bathtub about how it could be a good idea for women to start suing their partners for infidelity.

@juliafoxWhy doesn’t this happen more??? Women are taught to “walk away with grace” fuckkkkoutttahereee I have trust issues ptsd I’m afraid of men/love I’ll be alone forever etc normalize suing the men that damage you.♬ original sound - Julia fox

“I just think Julia gets it…I just think she’s f*cking smart. She gives us what we want. She works the paparazzi like Paris Hilton did in the 2000s. She gives us viral quotes. She’s funny. I just think she’s truly seizing the moment with no fear.” Charli XCX said of Fox in a recent interview, and she's right. There's a combination of deadpan humour, unabashed authenticity, and lingering intrigue that makes her half-baked TikTok rants feel surprisingly illuminating. Perhaps this is down to the fact that we don't often expect celebrities to be so forthcoming with themselves, let alone their ideas on motherhood, capitalism, relationships, and literal zoning laws, yet here Fox is, touching up her iced-out brows on a bathroom sink that is stacked full of products instead of a Vogue Beauty Secrets-worthy bathroom, talking about how the most controversial thing she's done this year is reveal to the public that she bought her son a toy mop.

@juliafoxReposting for the girlies in the back! Deprogramming starts now.♬ original sound - Julia fox


@juliafox♬ original sound - Julia fox


Is this the next phase of a Julia Fox supremacy? It feels as though I've already enrolled to be a student at the University of Julia Fox. We don't blame her for being her own muse.

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