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Summer lovin’ – on set with Jess Gomes for the Cue Summer 23 collection

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Summer is on the brain, at least for model Jess Gomes. With December so close, the model is manifesting "belly laughs, beach hangs, and barbecues". It's also about that time when we begin considering our fashion moodboards. The clothes need to be practical, but if they're to accompany us from beach to Icebergs – as Gomes hopes, they'll need an injection of cool too. Enter, the Summer 23 collection from Cue.

Arriving in a colour palette straight out of Gomes' own fashion moodboard – think watermelon, lime and radiant pineapple – on hue alone, the collection from Cue is primed for summer. Then there's the cuts, which are minimalist and 90s, laden with an urban edge and softened by feminine draping and swishy silks. The Summer 23 collection is expansive yet considered and nails the brief of where occasionwear meets casual, everyday.

RUSSH caught up with Gomes while on set to discuss her favourite pieces from Cue's Summer 23 collection so far, as well as her summer plans. Find our conversation below.

jess gomes

Do you have any plans for the summer ahead?

My plans for the summer ahead are to be with loved ones and friends surrounded by good belly laughs, beach hangs, barbecues and basking in the sun with a big smile on my face. One thing I cherish is our beautiful Australian summers.


What’s on your summer fashion mood board?

There's lots of blush and skin tones. Black tight swimsuits and cool hats (like RUSSH's Full Look Policy caps with Double Rainbouu) fresh watermelon, juicy lips, and bronzed glowy hot Jamaican tropical jungle vibes.

You’re going out to drinks – where do you go and what pieces from the Cue Summer 23 collection are you pulling?

I'm going out to Icebergs with friends for a summer cocktail night. I would be pulling the black strapless bustier and white cream skirt.


Who’s style are you loving right now?

I'm loving this Wannasiri Kongman on Instagram. She is Thai (from Bangkok) and just has cool pieces that she throws on so effortlessly and puts them to good use on her travels. I just love when people dress authentically, using clothes as a true reflection on how they live their life artfully. I'm having a lot of fun as of late with fashion. It’s putting me in a good mood.

Is there a signature dish you love to cook when the weather warms up?

I've recently been obsessed with making Buldak ramen which I discovered on TikTok. But as we move into the summer break I love making fresh seafood dishes, shucking some oysters, fresh fruit platters, summer salads and pavlovas. I secretly love to cook!

You have an entire day off to yourself. What are you wearing and how do you spend it?

Usually when spending the day by myself, if I’m at home all day I could be wearing a simple t-shirt and some loose pinstripe trouser pants, with some sneakers and a cap. If I’m feeling frisky and wanting to head out to run some errands I might throw on jeans, a knit tank, and a blazer, a pair of Chanel shades to cover my face, and always a pair of cosy socks.


If you had to pick one piece from the Cue Summer 23 collection to wear every day, what would it be and why?

I love denim so I would say the denim look. The faded edges and the cut is just so effortless and I can dress it up with sneakers or with a heel or sandal. I just love that Cue is so versatile and denim is always a great staple for my model off duty style.

jess gomes

jess gomes

Shop the Cue Summer 23 collection online and in-store now.

FASHION Charlotte Agnew
HAIR Kyye Reed @ AP Reps
BEAUTY Nisha Van Berkel @ Assembly Agency
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