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Jessica Gomes on Korean skincare, Jeju Island and her line Equal Beauty

Jessica Gomes Equal Beauty

Model, mogul and creator Jessica Gomes knows more than a thing or two about skincare. It's why she created Equal Beauty, a fragrance-free and genderless line of skincare products. She wanted to make something that was unfussy. Something that did what it said. Something simple. But it was more than a passion for easy and effective products that inspired her brand.

Having spent many formative years modelling in South Korea, the Korean approach to beauty has always been a source of inspiration for her. K-beauty is about nourishment, hydration and prevention. It builds on the principle that you get out what you put in. This is why Jessica sought out the pristine and untouched haven of Jeju - one of Korea's volcanic islands - as the source the botanicals used to make her products.

We spoke to Jessica Gomes about her brand, what we can learn from the Korean approach and what's the best beauty advice she's heard. Made from Korean naturals and designed around its principles, here's how K-beauty has inspired Equal Beauty.


Why did you start Equal Beauty?

I created Equal Beauty because I wanted something simple for people to understand and use. There’s a lot of clutter out there in the market and people are often unaware of what they are putting onto their skin. For me, beauty starts on the inside. Equal Beauty is free from harmful irritants and questionable ingredients that focus heavily on hydration and protection. Over the years, I’ve come to realise that these two factors are very important for the skin.


Jessica Gomes Equal Beauty

What's different about Equal Beauty?

Equal Beauty is all about making beauty inclusive and inspiring people to embrace who they are. The brand encourages people to look good and feel good in their own skin, which is also the result of a long passion I have had, to develop something that reflects my values and skincare needs.

I always believe that everyone should feel beautiful and with Equal Beauty, we want people to embrace their bare self. To me, the most beautiful people are those with confidence, strength and a sense of self.

The first Equal Beauty range offers products that cater to people who travel a lot like myself. Now, with the new range, it is still travel-friendly and hassle-free but I would say it’s supercharged with a better formula to give that extra skin boost. Very suitable for modern day living and definitely essential to keep your skin clean and hydrated.


Tell us about Jeju Island. Why did you choose this as the home for Equal Beauty?

Jeju is one of the most botanically diverse and least polluted areas in the world. And, on this volcanic island, many promising ingredients grown have that extra vitality, all thanks to its mineral-rich soil.

I wanted Equal Beauty to have products that are simple yet powerful and by incorporating such natural ingredients found in it’s lush ecosystem, our products are pure yet potent to keep skin healthy.


Jessica Gomes Equal Beauty

How is the Korean Beauty approach different? What can we learn?

During my stay in Korea, I’ve come to learn that Korean Beauty approach is all about skin nourishment and prevention, putting nutrients into the skin and maintaining it.

I feel that this invested and gentle approach is in line with my belief that beauty starts on the inside. The takeaway is to always consider the overall health of your skin, everybody’s skin is different, to properly heal and care for it is the best solution.


What is it about K-beauty that inspires you?

I have lived and worked in Korea over the last 15 years throughout my modelling career. I have always been inspired by Korean technology and the way they create. I just think they are very advanced and ahead of the game then anywhere else in the world. I have always thought this even when I first started working there 15 years ago before anyone clicked on. I was so inspired by how they make there products and how well designed they are. I just think they are very innovative. Korea has always inspired me.

What are the Equal Beauty hero products?

Moisture Shot Serum and the Pure Bamboo Moisture Pack. Daily hydration is the best defence against all skin problems, a well hydrated skin will give you that natural radiant glow anytime.

These two products are packed with Jeju broadleaf bamboo extract to help lock in moisture, keeping your skin super hydrated. The same extract has brightening and soothing properties too. There are also perfect blends of other botanical extracts in them, such as b-glucan to boost skin’s barrier, centella asiatica to calm and reduce redness.


Jessica Gomes Equal Beauty

What's the best beauty advice you've heard?

To always keep it simple. No fragrance and hydration is key. Living a clean life and being kind also helps.