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Spring styling and wardrobe staples – Stas Jepsen walks us through Cue’s latest collection

Spring styling and wardrobe staples – Stas Jepsen walks us through Cue's latest collection

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Everything about Stas Jepsen is high impact. A dead ringer for the late Stella Tennant, with those siren eyes and that steely composure, the Ukrainian model can speak eight languages and knows the importance of trusting your gut. We think this makes her a kindred pairing for Cue and their Summer 23 campaign.

Just like Jepsen, the Summer 23 collection from Cue is confident and tough, traits that surface in the campaign lensed by photographer Levon Baird. All 19 looks are fused with late 90s minimalism; there's silk slips and a cargo skirt, a double breasted dress and a masculine blazer. It's all neutral tones with inflections of chartreuse and olive green, watermelon, and sky blue. Each piece is designed to be clashed and combined, every styling combination just works. 

Arriving across September and October in a series of drops, the Summer 23 collection from Cue is hot on our heels. Below, we asked Stas Jepsen to share her spring styling tips and the pieces from Cue's latest collection that she can't live without.



Tell me about your personal style – how would you describe wardrobe?

My wardrobe is pretty mixed actually. Everything from chic to tomboy but most recently, it’s been more tailored pieces such as everyday suits.

We’re about to transition out of Australian winter and into spring. What are you most looking forward to wearing now that the weather is getting warmer?

As much as I love layering in the cooler months, I'm looking forward to wearing some lighter textiles and slides. Not gonna lie, my slide collection is looking pretty good right now.


stas jepsen


stas jepsen


Cue’s Summer 23 collection offers a selection of wardrobe essentials – well tailored pants, timeless black gowns, great denim – in an elevated and interesting way. Does this reflect your own personal style and the way you put outfits together?

Definitely. I’m always looking for some timeless pieces, with some timeless lines. It gives me options to mix and match pieces to create varied looks, effortlessly.

The collection has a mix of boxy, androgynous silhouettes paired contrastingly with more feminine tailoring. What do you personally like about the styling of this collection?

I love how this collection breaks the status quo. It allows you to put contrasting elements together in order to create bold progressive looks. I’m a girl of comfort, so the fact that you can add boots coupled with a dress suits me perfectly.

stas jepsen


You’re getting dressed for the day – which pieces from the Cue Summer 23 collection are you pulling and why?

Uh that’s a tough one. I have a few favourites but if I had to narrow it down to three it would be the following: The Black pinstripe suit, due to its timeless silhouette. You can take it from day to night by simply changing out the accessories. Secondly, the button bandeau midi dress – it's just such an elegant piece, I loved wearing it on the day. And lastly, the denim set. It’s a great modern reinterpretation of a wardrobe classic.

Tell me about your day on set with Cue – what was the energy like and were there any unforgettable moments from the shoot?

I honestly had the best time, hands down one of my favourite shoots to date. It was a freezing day but I had the most professional and supportive team around me. I felt so honoured to work with such a talented group of individuals. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!



FASHION Karla Clarke
TALENT Stas Jepsen @ Priscillas
HAIR Sophie Roberts
MAKEUP Stoj Bulic

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