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Daddy of the internet Jeff Goldblum can now add King of the gods to his résumé too

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Jeff Goldblum has longed reigned over our fragile hearts. So it seems fitting that his power should extend to Mount Olympus too. The actor has been selected to replace Hugh Grant in the role of Zeus for a new Netflix series. The Netflix series in question is called Kaos, and it's been pegged as a contemporary and irreverent take on Greek mythology.

What is Kaos about?

Created and written by Charlie Covell, the eight-part series will follow the Greek myths that we know all too well. Rather than copy and paste them verbatim, Covell will adapt them with a darkly comic twist. Enter, Goldblum as Zeus. The actor will play the all powerful yet deeply insecure and vengeful Zeus, who was originally cast as Grant, however the actor couldn't continue due to unexpected scheduling conflicts.

Zeus has long enjoyed top-dog status in the land of the gods, that is until one morning he wakes up and finds a wrinkle on his forehead. Is this a sign that his undoing is near? He at least seems to think so, and sets off on a paranoid rampage convinced that his time is up – a thought that is confirmed wherever he looks.

Who has been cast in Kaos?

Joining Daddy Goldblum is an ensemble cast consisting of Aurora Perrineau, Cliff Curtis, Misia Butler, Janet McTeer, Rakie Ayola, David Thewlis, Killian Scott, Leila Farzad, Nabhaan Rizwan, and Stanley Townsend. Our only question left, is who is onboard to play Hades? Our bets are on Cliff Curtis.

When is Kaos set to drop on Netflix?

Since filming will begin later this winter, we can't see it premiering anytime soon. However, if you're craving some screentime from another on of the internet's favourite Daddy's, we recommend taking a look at this list of the best Willem Dafoe films. 

More on Kaos to come.

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