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Issued by Bottega returns for its second edition

issued by bottega

Since Bottega Veneta exited social media earlier this year, the internet has been hanging on to each shred of imagery the fashion house provides us. To fill this space, and with the intention of creating more of a dialogue around image sharing, the brand launched Issue 01 of Issued by Bottega, a digital zine featuring a collection of imagery and artworks in collaboration with friends of the house. Today, Bottega Veneta has released its second instalment of the zine, and it's the kind of content that makes us optimistic for fashion imagery once again.

Issue 02, the second quarterly publication of Issued by Bottega, features a large compilation of images, film, drawings, and graphics centered around Daniel Lee's creative direction. Graphics of bedazzled and feathered derrière's walk down the street feature; imagery of sandcastles constructed to mimic the silhouette of the Wedge Clogs take shape; Still life imagery is captured of novelty ceramics of popular Bottega bags; David LaChapelle captures Naomi Campbell in a dynamic portrait series; Carlijn Jacobs showcases exciting nail art. A true, chaotic pastiche of talent and creativity coming together.


issued by bottega


On a local level, Australian Photographer, Zac Bayly shot Bottega underwear and Wardrobe 02 Puddle Bombers on Ballet Dancer Rhys Kosakowski and some new Australian faces. Internationally, rapper Travis Scott features, standing shirtless in a body of water with reflective grills and sunglasses.

Issue 02 features a vast assortment of artists,  such as Arca, Daniel Gordon, Dean Giffin, Edward Meadham, Gérard Schlosser, Hagihara, Takuya, Jeong Greem, Kwangho Lee, Mark Vomit, Patricia Doria, and more.


issued by bottega


“There is a mood of playground bullying on social media which I don’t really like,” Daniel Lee said when Issue 01 launched. “I wanted to do something joyful instead. We are not just a brand, we are a team of people who work together, and I don’t want to collude in an atmosphere that feels negative.”

To see the full iteration of Issue 02, you can find imagery evoking feelings of gliding down a waterslide, driving a motorcycle through a California sunset, and even being on psychedelics, via the Issued By Bottega website.

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