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Model Lily Nova talks to RUSSH of a life romanticizing, Gucci and keeping life in balance

Lily Nova


A face that's quickly becoming instantly recognizable, in all her porcelain and doll like appearance; it's really no secret that here at RUSSH, we have come to adore the model that is Lily Nova.

And as we have officially wrapped up all our AAFW madness, below, Australia's own Lily Nova takes time out to speak with RUSSH about all things health, beauty and her debut as a young model and how she keeps her life in balance.



Lily Nova

Firstly, what is the first thing we should all know about you?


I romanticize everything and wear too many rings.


You were discovered at an event in Australia where you call home. At what age were you scouted and as a young woman what was that experience like for you?


I was a few months off of turning 16 when I was scouted in Adelaide. My mother agent showed me the picture she took of me that day and I was blushing round red Pikachu circles on my cheeks. I didn’t really know what I looked like or what to expect. My only knowledge of the fashion industry at the time was limited to the Victoria Secret fashion shows. It was all very exciting.


Your first runway debut was for Gucci FW 2016. That is a huge debut for any young model - can you recall how you felt?


The whole time I kept waiting for someone to pull me aside and say ‘just kidding!’ And tell me to go home. I had a lot of wide eyed moments where I fully realized the magnitude and significance of these fashion houses and their shows. It felt incredibly special, to be part of something so big. Especially with Gucci, it felt like community.


Pre-COVID, you were traveling a lot in your career. How did you keep your mind, body and health in balance?


Honestly, I think I only ever found true mind-body balances moments at a time. Meals, especially breakfast, are a sacred time for me. It’s about looking after yourself, your body, and having those moments alone before or after a work day.

I’ve never felt so in tune with my mind and body than at the times I was practicing yoga everyday. And if meals are sacred, then journaling is the place where I worship. It’s good to get it all out on the page, no matter what you’re feeling.


Do you have a beauty icon? Who are they and why?

Gemma Ward and more recently Anya Taylor Joy. I love anyone who widens our cultural narrative of what is beautiful. I love it when you can look at a photo of someone and be instantly transported somewhere else. It’s magic.


What is the best advice on beauty you’ve received?


That ‘there is no one way to be beautiful’.


What is the best advice on health you’ve received?


My mother always instilled in me the importance of eating good and healthy food (what’s a car without proper fuel?)


And lastly, aside from modeling, is there anything else you would like to see yourself doing?


I’ve always loved writing stories and really hope to get them published someday. I’ve also slowly started entering the acting world and my small experiences are so lovely and inspiring – I really want to explore that feeling more.


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