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Converse has taken the humble Chuck Taylor All Star to new heights for its latest CX line drop

Converse CX

While there's still a time and a place for the modern heel – read: Bottega Veneta Almond Pumps; it's undeniable that our approach to our footwear has dropped drastically in height over recent years. As our penchant for more comfortable, versatile shoes continued to grow, so did the pieces on offer. Sneakers were no longer reserved for physical activity; quickly becoming an acceptable shoe choice for almost all occasions. But with the hype around sneakers virtually insatiable, it's no longer enough to design a white sneaker and call it a day. Converse, a verified sneaker maven knows this well, and its latest CX line is another lesson in design authenticity.

Back in March 2020, the brand released its first edition of the CX line. The collection has been specifically designed with benefit-led innovations embedded in the sneakers; with a particular emphasis on comfort and ease of wear. Now, more than a year later, Converse is back with three new silhouettes – the Weapon CX, Run Star Motion and Aeon Active CX – that continue to speak to the brand's ethos in this space.

As we have come to see from Converse recently; the heritage footwear brand is hardly afraid to push boundaries. The CX line specifically, is all about taking existing and classic Converse styles and pushing the boundaries in both design and comfort.

Speaking about the intention behind the CX Toolkit, Converse VP of Design and Innovation, Phil Russo shared; "The original intent of CX was to create an innovation suite that answered for what we were hearing from people about Converse: They loved our brand and product, but they thought we were lacking in comfort."

Out of the three designs, only one – the Aeon Active CX – is based on an entirely new creation; and is unlike anything the brand has done before. The other two have been developed from pre-existing designs. The Weapon CX is based on Converse's classic 80s basketball shoe; while the Run Star Motion has its foundations in the classic Chuck Taylor All Star.

Experience and shop the full CX collection on the Converse website.

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