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We’ve found the next scary role for scream queen Mia Goth

infinity pool

Mia Goth has starred in more horrors than some actors have films altogether. If you need further proof, let us do a little roll call. There's been the witchy role in Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria, along with from A24 and its alarming prequel Pearlfor which Goth is the leading lady. To round off that list, Mia Goth has been tapped to feature in Brandon Cronenberg's upcoming NC-17 rated sci-fi horror Infinity Pool. Everything we know, below.

What is Infinity Pool about?

If that last name sounds familiar, it's because yes, David Cronenberg is Brandon's dad – and you can bet they share more than DNA. One look at the trailer for Infinity Pearl confirms that the Crimes of the Future director's love for body horror and tech thrillers has rubbed off on his son. The film follows James and Em Foster, an author and his rich wife who are on vacation at a resort on the fictional island of La Tolqa, in a vaguely eastern European setting. James is looking for inspiration for his next book, and you could say he finds it when the couple witness a fatal accident outside of the safety of the resort. The sci-fi horror part plays out from this point onwards...

Who else is involved?

You've got Mia Goth, Brandon Cronenberg is running the show, so who else is involved? Saddled in the role of James is Alexander Skarsgård, meanwhile Australian actress Cleopatra Coleman will step into the role of Em Foster. Thomas Kretschmann will also feature, as will Jalil Lespert and Amanda Brugel.

Is there a release date?

At this stage, we know that Infinity Pool will premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. However, we're yet to hear of plans (including a date) for a global rollout across cinemas.

What about a trailer?

Until then, you can spook yourself out with the newly released trailer for Infinity Pool, below.

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