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The weather report is here, and it forecasts horny scenes starring Harry Styles

harry styles sex scenes

For all who were crestfallen when it was revealed that Harry Styles would not, in fact, star in the filmic adaptation of a certain piece of horny Wattpad fanfiction, this one's for you. Our day has finally come. Naturally we knew about his upcoming roles in My Policeman and Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry Darling, both release dates are etched into our memory, but we certainly did not clock just how graphic each film would be. Now, following an interview Styles did with English radio show Capital Breakfast, we can confirm that we'll be seeing another, possibly barer, side to Harry Styles and no, we're not talking about Harry's House.

In his conversation with Roman Kemp, host of Capital Breakfast, Styles prefaced both his upcoming films by saying neither one was safe to watch in the company of your parents, jokingly adding "I’m going to have to do another one". The most racy of the two is set to be the queer romance My Policeman which stars Emma Corrin as his schoolteacher wife, and David Dawson as Patrick, the policeman protagonist's secret lover. Finally, we can shelve Call Me By Your Name, which quite frankly has lost its appeal since allegations of sexual abuse against Armie Hammer surfaced.

Don't Worry Darling will see Harry Styles acting alongside Florence Pugh as her husband Jack, in a 1950s utopic-dystopic world, where Jack harbours a dark secret from his wife Alice. By all accounts, female pleasure will form a large part of the dialogue in Don't Worry Darling, which is helmed by Olivia Wilde. It's on the set of this film that both Wilde and Styles began dating.

Speaking on the sex scenes present in each film, Styles told Kemp, "All I can say from my own experience is I was very lucky to have a very trusting relationship with the people that we were working with, and that kind of came first".

"It was all discussed . . . above the filming, above anything that’s happening, the cameras, me and you, we’re doing this together and we trust each other, and at any point we can stop whenever," he continued.

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