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Harry Styles is a giant squid in the video for ‘Music For A Sushi Restaurant’ – more importantly, would you eat him?

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A pampered squid-man hybrid vocalist one day, sushi restaurant fodder another. That is the fate of Harry Styles in the new music video for his song Music For A Sushi Restaurant.

Dropping this morning just in time for Halloween (or Harryween), the musician released the complementary film to the first track on his album Harry's Houseand at the time of writing it has amassed over 2 million views.

In the same way Mr Styles washed up on the stage of The X Factor UK and was massaged into a popstar, so is his bearded aquatic alter ego. Dripping in feather boas, pearls, under eye patches, he's not entirely unrecognisable from the Gucci-loving man we know today, except for those tentacles. They are quite the addition.

In the video, the sea creature is rescued roadside by a group of suburban British cooks who helm the fires at a nearby sushi restaurant. Just when you think Styles is (prawn) toast, it's revealed he can sing. Kind of like the plot to Burlesque, albeit sans the fishy smells, this new creature carries the prospect of hoards of new clients and thus money. Although when the sea creature chokes performing in front of the evening's guest, his fate is sealed and those screams take on a whole new meaning.

Would we personally want to eat Harry Styles is his slimy new body horror form? Not particularly. Could we be convinced into oiling up one of those fleshy tentacles? Quite possibly.

In any case, don't rest on our descriptions of the whole spectacle. Watch the music video to Music For A Sushi Restaurant below.

This is just one example of Harry Styles' recent foray into acting. There was of course, the dumpster fire that was Don't Worry Darling, but if this music video isn't scratching that itch, why not watch the newly released trailer for My Policemanwhich is set to premiere on November 4?

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