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George Byrne’s new book ‘Post Truth’ is purposeful and playful

george byrne post truth

Australian-born, LA artist, George Byrne has released his very first book Post Truth .

For many, the call to assemble a portfolio of an artists body of work is one long dreamt of. A book atop a coffee table, with all of the most memorable pieces - encapsulated and bound into something tangible as the artist envisioned - is a moment to treasure forever.

For Byrne, this calling came after many years of housing works in leading galleries across the globe, assembling in retrospect and self-publishing, for complete creative control and maximum authenticity.


george byrne post truth


“After five solid years of exhibiting, I had the chance to step back and see my work through a prism of longer-term ideas. I realised my portfolio had evolved in an interesting way, and I had enough work to make it into a strong collection. What I’ve learned over the past ten years is that photography is a more dynamic, expressive, and malleable medium than I ever knew,” Byrne says.

“I wanted the book to show the evolution of my series thus far, from raw street observations to more calculated, collagic compositions, whose reality (or truth), have ended up in the eye of the beholder.”


george byrne post truth


The book itself features 56 monographs that have been selected out of 150 options, and serve as a tangible homage to Byrnes most notable work which was birthed in LA over 10 years ago.

Pastel washes of urban landscapes and geometric shapes are distinctively his, further solidifying the world of the artist. Post Truth serves as a playful and purposeful commentary on the developed, industrial landscape of LA, and the moments of decay and reality that extends beyond the naked eye.


george byrne post truth


The first edition copy of Post Truth is now available to pre-order here for delivery in November 2020 and can be purchased individually or alongside a limited edition print from Byrne’s Post Truth 2018 collection.