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Interior must-haves and styling tips according to Bodhi Living

Bodhi Living

Making our spaces feel more comfortable and luxurious is vital in the current moment. We're spending more time at home than ever. So ensuring your living space is a cosy, little sanctuary is important for our productivity and for our mental health. Whether you're decluttering or redesigning your space, it's small changes that can make the biggest difference to the way you live and how you feel.

We connected with Bodhi Living, a new conceptual furniture store in Byrons Bay's industrial estate. Bodhi Living is all about curating memorable and meaningful spaces - interiors that can bring you joy but also function as you need them to. Creators Tiffany Adcock and Luke McGowen believe in creating environments filled with personality, and they shared with us their tips, hacks and must-haves when designing - or updating - and interior.

Read on to see their decor must-haves, styling no-nos and tips to updating what you already.


What’s your approach to creating a beautiful interior?

Our approach starts with considered pieces that evoke memories, reflect personality and bring warmth to a home. It is also important to pay homage to the environment your space exists, and consider the functionality of every element.


Bodhi Living

What are your favourite trends in interiors and home decor at the moment?

In interiors using recycled timbers and materials to bring depth of character to a home. Exposing structural elements of a building and making them a feature, such as an old timber beam or sandstone wall. In furniture, recycling and repurposing antiques or vintage pieces and giving them a new life in a modern setting.


What are your styling tips for those wanting to update the interior design they already have?

Take a deep breath and consider everything in your space that doesn’t serve a purpose. Stripping back the clutter improves the functionality of a space. This doesn’t mean you have to throw out everything and become a minimalist, but give considered pieces the space they are owed.


Bodhi Living

When trying to reinvent or redesign a space, where is the best place to start?

Take absolutely everything out of the room and start with a blank canvas. A good place to start is a choosing a fresh colour on the walls, or even the floor, to give you a new perspective on that space.


If you were refreshing an interior, and could only pick three pieces to replace, which would they be?

A new artwork to draw the eye to will always evoke a new feeling and change a space, as will a new rug - always the anchor of a room. Finally, a beautiful full length mirror will always open up an interior with new light.


Do you have any interior design rules? Any styling no-nos?

Less is more. Never over-crowd a room, and ensure each piece is considered and has its own space and purpose.


What's your favourite decor hack?

Clustering pieces is a great way to create a feature in a room, whether it’s a cluster of tall and low pots or candle sticks, different level coffee tables or even layering rugs can be cool and interesting. As long as it done in a refined way.


Bodhi Living

What are your decor must-haves?

A sofa that is comfy enough to sleep on, a rug that you love so much that you consider to be part of your soul, and a big artwork that represents who you are.


Bodhi Living


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