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Visionary of design Gaetano Pesce passes away

Collage of Bottega editorial collaboration with designer Gaetano Pesce and the runway for Bottega Veneta set design

Long considered an Italian pioneer of design and architecture, Gaetano Pesce has died at 84. His estate confirmed news of his passing this morning, with a statement on Instagram posted by his team:

“It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing of visionary creator Gaetano Pesce.⁠ Over the course of six decades, Gaetano revolutionized the worlds of art, design, architecture, and the liminal spaces between these categories. His originality and nerve are matched by none.⁠

Despite dealing with health-related setbacks, especially in the last year, Gaetano remained positive, playful, and ever-curious. He is survived by his children, family, and all who adored him. His uniqueness, creativity, and special message live on through his art.”⁠

Pesce's sixty year legacy spans set construction, architecture and commissioned world-building for fashion powerhouses such as Bottega Veneta and most recently, Gen-Z sock brand Double Soul. The multi-dimensional artist got his start as an architecture student in Venice, growing a multi-varied approach that transcended the basics of industrial design.

With an oeuvre that prioritises theory over application, Pesce's art focus relied heavily on the philosophical elements of his creations. Aligning with the Radical Design Movement of Italy, the visionary sought to create outside of the functionalist constraints of 20th century Modernism. He approached colour and dimensions with a ubiquitously vibrant eye.

A memorable collaboration for Bottega Veneta's Spring Summer 2023 featured the artist's resin-heavy world, replete with 400 chairs and coated floors. Former collaborations between the brand and the artist featured similar chairs for purchase and viewing, modelled by none other than Kate Moss. Consisting of entirely unique designs of toile and cotton canvas, every chair was different from the last.


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"This chair is a tribute to diversity." Pesce said previously in a press release, "It is about the human being; we are all different. People who say we are all the same – f**k them! We are all different and this is our defining quality – otherwise, we are just a copy. We are all originals and this is one of the themes of my design."

Pesce's body of work signifies a contribution to the art world -- one that is synonymous with progression, creativity, and intuition.  He leaves a world of inspired mobility in his wake.

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