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Here are all the winners of the CHANEL Next Prize 2024

The ten winners of the prestigious CHANEL NEXT Prize 2024 has been announced, and the finalists are an awe-spiring tour de force of creative good.

The winners hail accumulatively from six countries across four continents, including Singapore, Ireland, United States, Georgia, United Kingdom and Brazil. They reflect CHANEL's core ethos of industry support and provisional guidance in paving the way for the future of art-making. The 2024 recipients of the prize are:

  • Davóne Tines (singer and creator)
  • Tolia Astakhishvili (visual artist)
  • Oona Doherty (choreographer)
  • Ho Tzu Nyen (visual artist)
  • Moor Mother (poet and musician)
  • Anna Thorvaldsdottir (composer)
  • Sam Eng (game developer)
  • Kantemir Balagov (filmmaker)
  • Fox Maxy (filmmaker and visual artist)
  • Dalton Paula (visual artist and educator).


What is the CHANEL NEXT Prize?

The NEXT Prize was created as part of the CHANEL culture and art fund to bolster CHANEL’s global initiative to champion multidisciplinary artists who are pushing the boundaries of their fields. Judged by an impressive mainboard including award-winning actress Tilda Swinton, artist Cao Fei and curators Legacy Russel and Hans Ulrich Obrist, this year's finalists includes titans within fields of film, video game design, opera, dance and digital art.

Yana Peel, the Global Head of Arts & Culture at CHANEL, said: “The CHANEL Next Prize was founded to support the voices of our time. The second edition of the prize will support ten more artists, each working at the forefront their discipline, as they pursue their next creative project. Artists are catalysts and pioneers. It is a joy to partner with the ten winners of the 2024 edition of the prize as they chart their creative journey. Watching their trajectory over the next two years will be a thrilling experience for everyone at CHANEL.”

This year’s winners are part of a secondary cohort since 2021.


What do the winners receive?

Apart from access to CHANEL's non-exhaustive network of support, the winners will also undergo a two-year mentorship and networking programme facilitated by the brand’s cultural partners throughout the world, including the Royal College of Art in London. Each of the ten prize winners will receive 100,000€ in funding activation in order to bring their projects to fruition.


Where can I find out more about the winners?

You can read more about each of the prize finalists on CHANEL's website.

You can also head to CHANEL's YouTube channel to watch videos about each of the finalists' practice and impact.


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