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Chanel launches its ‘Chanel Culture Fund’ to reinvigorate arts and culture across the globe


As we all emerge from one of the most unexpected years yet, a post COVID-19 world is finally looking possible, and with that, the creative industry has been given a unique chance to reset and flourish across our cultural landscape. In light of this, Chanel has announced it will be pioneering a global culture fund entitled the Chanel Culture Fund that will reinvigorate the Maison's long-standing support for arts and culture.

With a mission to support innovators across the arts, champion equality and advance new ideas throughout culture and society, the Chanel Culture Fund will serve as a global programme of initiatives and partnerships to provide support and visibility throughout the creative industry at large.

“The Culture Fund represents Chanel's belief in the central importance of individual creativity in driving innovation," says Global Head of Arts & Culture at Chanel, Yana Peel. "At a time when we are navigating our way through complex new environments around the world, we know that artists generate transformative ideas that help us envision the way forward. Chanel has always championed the vitality and advancement of the arts, and we now expand that tradition through the Fund with a focus on supporting cultural innovators and pathbreakers who are mapping out what's next.”

The new Chanel Next Prize will be a part of the initiative - an individual award of 100,000 euro's to ten different artists across music, dance, performance and visual art sectors who are paving the way in their respective crafts. The award will serve to provide funding to monumental projects which provide access to mentorship programs and a networking community fostered by Chanel.

As for the inaugural recipients of the award, an international advisory board will be appointed to nominate a shortlist of potential recipients which will be announced later in the year.

Alongside the Chanel Next Prize, the brand will commit to a series of long term partnerships, expanding on the brands commitment to arts and culture through collaborations with leading cultural institutions to support innovation in creative and cultural thinking. The partnerships will include key collaborators, among which are The National Portrait Gallery, The Underground Museum, The Centre Pompidou, and GES-2.

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Image: @chanelofficial