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From Oaxaca with love: in the sun with Alexandra Sheehan

It seems as though for most of us, travel still sits within the realm of lucid daydreams. With most borders still remaining closed and populations kept close knit, sunrises off the coastlines of Mexico and opulent ice blue waters become the warmest hallucinations. Here we have RUSSH friend and dear family, designer and artist Alexandra Sheehan sends us her sun blissed love from the coastlines of Oaxaca.




Tell us a little about the Oaxacan coast?

Deeply giving and vibrant. The energy is intoxicating, the people are mellow and warmhearted, the experiences so comically wild they’re almost Lynch-ian. My imagination on the coast is completely unfettered, and there is always, always, something left to be discovered.





What was your favourite moment from the trip?

Skinny dipping in the bioluminescence at night or hearing whale sonar underwater in the middle of the ocean.





What are your favourite things to do on holiday?

Eat, zoom around on the scooter, explore the markets, play chess with my partner Sam, watch the sunset and drink Piñadas.





What’s your perfect travel outfit?

Cotton cargo pants, an oversized white tee with a high ponytail. Alternatively, a thong bikini bottom, spf 50 and pearl necklaces from beach vendors.





What three things will you always have in your bag when you travel?

An unlined notebook, my camera and some form of a sentimental tchotchke.





What is your favourite travel read?

A menu.





What are your travel beauty bag essentials?

As an avid eyebrow brusher, I always have an eyebrow brush on me. I also carry the most delicious coconut cream that I got on the beach, Hule Studio dewy skin serum and a scent that grounds me and brings me back to myself which right now is Bodha’s vibration perfume in Earth.





Lastly, what part does travel play in your creative process?

It's integral. Colour stories appearing in heaps of fishing twine, natural materials that could lend themselves to be transformed into household objects, one of a kind fonts on hand painted signs - all excite and inspire me in immense ways. I obsess over details, honing in on the things one might naturally look past. In the moments I spend curiously observing, everything else just sort of washes away.


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