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Cathy Marshall’s photo series is a requiem for summer in Italy

As the European summer draws near and the prospect of enjoying it in-person diminishes, it comes as second nature to reach for things that remind us of the long, languid days spent basking in that golden sun so specific to the Mediterranean. Whether it be film, music or food we all have rituals that evoke memories of holidays past and times when being overseas was a possibility. These small rituals can help cut through the monotony of daily life and serve as a reminder of how things were and how they will be once again.

Photographer Cathy Marshall’s latest photo series, shot in 2018, reminisces on her time spent flitting between towns dotted along the Apulia coastline in Italy. The photos, surfacing almost three years after they were taken, mirror our own habit of scrolling through old holiday photos for comfort. Defined by its focus on outsized architecture and ancient dwellings, the series stirs in us our sense of adventure. While robust terrain and the glint of cyan blue waters make for a dreamy backdrop. The images provide us with an opportunity for escapism and who are we to deny them?


Tell us about the location? 

Picturesque Southern Italy, throughout Monopoli, Matera, Ostuni, Alberobello and various other locations in the Apulia region. The area is brimming with varied architecture, olive groves and coastline. 



Where did you stay? Do you have a favourite hotel or property? 


We stayed in Monopoli in a really beautiful old apartment near the sea. The owner bought us fresh mozzarella and burrata and we were a five minute walk to both the town centre and the water. 



What was your favourite moment from the trip? 


Spending each day exploring new swimming spots and old architecture. We hired a car for some of the time which enabled us to really explore the area. The ocean and the people enjoying it were so vibrant and it was hard not to feel very content there. 



What sights were on your must-do list? 

Matera was breathtaking and unlike anything I’ve seen before. The city is essentially a maze of cave dwellings set into a mountain side. It’s one of the oldest continually inhabited settlements in the world and has an interesting history. 



What is your favourite travel read? 

A menu and a wine list!



Images: Cathy Marshall


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