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Premiering on RUSSH: FRITZ’s Arrow is a heartbreak anthem for the iso era

FRITZ Arrow isolation video premiere RUSSH

Breakups suck. And some breakups suck more than others. It was the especially wrenching kind that spurred dream pop dream FRITZ's latest single Arrow. Then she made a video in isolation - all growing pains and strung out suburbia - that we're premiering here on RUSSH todayIs it normal to feel nostalgia for your former heartbreaks? Because that's what Arrow is bringing up.

If FRITZ seems familiar, perhaps you've seen her at Laneway Festival, Yours and Owls, Groovin The Moo, Bigsound, or even showcasing at last year's SXSW. She's never played Arrow live, however. So she (kind of) wants to know what you think.

Here, FRITZ (aka Tilly Murphy) shares her heartbreak remedies, lessons in home videos and of course, the final result: Arrow.


How did Arrow come to be?

I think Arrow was the most recent FRITZ song I wrote … like in full. Which is crazy because it was over a year ago now I think. It kinda came about in a real easy and natural way, like I wasn’t going nuts over it. It just happened. I find writing about heartbreak really easy though hahaha 'cos I just have so much to say.


How would you describe the song in three emotions?



Tell us about the making of the video …

It’s the first music video I’ve made myself. It was fun to do but also kind of a nightmare as the main purpose of it was to be over edited and random, which was harder to do than anticipated. I made it all during lockdown too so it was good to have a project to work on when I had nothing else going on.


How does it feel to be releasing Arrow now?

It feels so right. We have never played it live before either, so it’ll just be totally new to FRITZ fans, so I’m desperate to know what everyone thinks of it. Or maybe I don’t want to know … I really like it though so there’s that.


Aside from Arrow, what's your ultimate heartbreak anthem?

Nu Punk by Ovlov. I don’t think it’s about heartbreak but, I remember listening to it so so much when I was dumped ... so it reminds me of that time.


What's the best cure for a broken heart?

Dumplings and Mario Kart.