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Miss summer? Watch Elle Músa’s new ‘Mango Pops’ video

Elle Músa Mango Pops

Mango pops on a summer’s day, makes me feel like I’m gonna live forever.” 

There's an instant nostalgia that swings around as summer days end. The idyllic kind in which you're living completely in the moment. Until the sun dips and the sand cools and then you're anything but, with the reminder it can't always be this way. Elle Músa, also known as Elle-louise Burguez, captures the feeling in with her new single, Mango Pops. And the accompanying video, filmed at home and premiering on (below), evokes just the kind of mind travel we've been craving.

“I wrote this song a couple of summers ago,” tells Burguez of Mango Pops. “We had been spending our days at Noosa beach on the Sunshine Coast with our best friends.”

Elle Músa Mango Pops

“Summer days spent at Noosa are my favourite, because we swim for hours and walk through the beautiful rainforest, we talk deeply and laugh and feel content like we are children again.”

“As the afternoon slowly rolls in with orange clouds and the song of birds, we lazily eat some mango popsicles, notice how sunburnt we are and sit in the cool shade. This is usually when we start to feel a little blue and speak of how we don't want the day to end, we don't want to separate and fly back to other parts of the world or to go back to our normal routine with screens and stress ... we want to stay calm like this forever.”

The song begins a little melancholy but becomes a show of gratitude. “... For all the good in our lives," Says Burguez. “I love seeing my friends and family light up when they listen to it.”

Elle Músa Mango Pops

“My parents are both very musical and I guess I have always wanted to make them proud with what I create. Seeing them dance and sing to this song makes me cry with joy.”

The track was produced in collaboration with Melbourne-based musician Edward R. Plans for a video changed with the advent of coronavirus restrictions. So Burguez resolved to create its summer holiday vibes in isolation. (With help from her boyfriend, Adi Ross, and editing from filmmaker Stephanie Furtun.)

Elle Músa Mango Pops

“When I was around 10 years old my family got a massive VCR camera that you had to carry on your shoulder to film ... It was super nostalgic spending the week filming.”

“In the shoot I am wearing some of my favourite brands ... Georgia Alice, Lee Matthews, Faithful, Sunshine Symbol, Silk Laundry, Holly Ryan, Brie Leon, Deiji studios, aliangé skincare ...

“I felt pretty silly but really enjoyed it. It made me realise how dancing and singing should be part of everyones lives. It lifts you up completely.”