Creatives amid COVID-19: Holly Ryan & Neada Deters on how we can support

The effects of COVID-19 seem to have no end. Being a freelancer, creative or small business owner during this time can be particularly challenging as the effects of the pandemic are two-fold catastrophic to the economy as they are our health system. Our thoughts are with everyone affected, especially the artists who provide light and solace in such a bleak time often without security to do so. In light of this, we reached out to our creative community to discuss what we can be doing if in the position to help. We've already shared one edition in this story, and this is part two of our series.

Neada Deters

Founder, LESSE

These previously unimaginable times are challenging and heartbreaking— but they are also an opportunity for us to reshape what the world will look like, and decide what will remain. Every time you shop with an independent brand, you are allowing them to exist and ensuring their team is paid. As founders, we can't thank you enough for your support of small brands over the years— but we need your support now more than ever. When you shop with us, purchase a gift card with us, share our brand with your community on social media— it all makes a difference. In unprecedented times, small acts of kindness create much bigger waves.

Victoria Baron

Makeup Artist

No one can really help the situation l am in because my job isn’t needed, right now what is important is being safe and working together as a community.  l do however believe we will need to think hard about how we can support creatives in my industry once we are out the other side of this. There are a lot of creative, talented people locked inside right now, not being able to work or do what they love and are passionate about. There will be an explosion of ideas and creativity ready to come to life. We are going to need a lot of support and help and I think it’s important to be mindful for the future, to ask that the people supporting the industry and employing us invest into the creative skills we’ve taken years (or decades) to master. Editorial rates have never increased in the time I’ve been in the industry, Advertising rates have decreased and a lot of the work we do is for free. It’s going to be hard.

Anna Pogossova


Please continue to engage with us; read, laugh, view, dance, enjoy, and start conversations. These exchanges don’t have to be monetary to be beneficial to us. Right now it’s so important to send a message to our government that our contributions are valuable, and we need to be included and supported in the broader picture.

Holly Ryan

Artist and founder, Holly Ryan Jewellry

I feel like in times of crisis art always saves me, it saves us all. I spend hours every day looking at it, meditating with it, creating it, researching it, feeling it and most of all appreciating it. Now is the time to celebrate it, be grateful for it and to give back to those who create it. Now is the time to buy art and take the time to hang it on your wall and stare into every tiny brushstroke and focus on every hand carved curve of a sculpture. Now is the time to buy a record player, support your favourite musicians by buying their records and spinning their vinyl, listening to every little crackle, dancing around your living room or crying your eyes out to the songs that break your heart in the best way possible because it is all cathartic and catharsis is healthy. Now is the time to read about the ones who have inspired us and learn about their lives, their struggles and their accomplishments and be reminded that they too are human.

One of my beautiful clients yesterday reached out to me and asked how she could help support me right now in lieu of funds and I said simply 'please share my work'. If you haven't the funds to support artists financially then please just talk about them, share their work on your social channels, explain to others how it makes you feel and why you are thankful that it exists or better yet, if they are still alive and creating please reach out to them and tell them directly why you are thankful they exist and that their work exists. We should all try to see the positive effect this uncertain time can have on us in terms of connecting with one another. Now is the time to tell someone, anyone, that you love them, that you miss them, that you appreciate them, that you are grateful for them. Now is the time to reflect and be grateful.

Cloudy Rhodes

Filmmaker, director, writer