Balancing act: working from home with children during coronavirus

As if things weren’t already a juggle for the working mum - many mums are now having to work from their homes along side their kids. Striking the balance between your job and your responsibilities as a parent isn't easy, and no one could possibly claim that it is.

We reached out to our community of friends and readers for their stories on what it's like to do your job at home when you have children by your side. Sharing tips, advice and stories we can all relate to, here's what the RUSSH community had to say about balancing parenthood and remote working.


Hannah Cooper, Stylist & @bibietbebe

How am I balancing it all? Cosmic Kids Yoga has been an absolute game changer for us, as well as PE with Joe, both on YouTube. We’ve also started an art wall which we add to every day and try to vary up our art projects. We are lucky to have a beautiful leafy outlook too so we look out for our favourite birds and spot boats in the water near where we live.


Clare Alstin, Crybaby Productions

Every day is different for us because unfortunately, it depends hugely on how I feel. I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant with my third child and it’s been a tough pregnancy even before the COVID-19 crisis. I have two children, Teddy is almost 5 and Margot is 18 months. They are both high energy and Teddy especially can be challenging. He needs to change activities often and be kept busy. At the moment I try to do anything active in the morning; a walk while Teddy rides or scoots or the dog park which is huge and very few people. 

Then we draw or paint and then Margot has her nap. This is when I work and Teddy has TV quiet time. I’m no hero. TV means I can rest, work and get through the day. 

If it’s warm enough, I set up a paddling pool. Or, I improvise and either cook something simple with them or FaceTime my parents. This can occupy them for a while as my Dad is a real entertainer - takes them down to his chooks or to show them his latest shed reincarnation and that buys me twenty minutes at least! 

As for the rest... I’m still working it out as I go. They are both not in school yet so it’s all play-based I guess. 

I’m under a lot of pressure with my business and this baby coming. My goal is just to enjoy my children as much as I can and make it through each day. I will likely never have all three at home together and while the impending newborn stage with another two at home is daunting, maybe it will also be the most memorable of our lives. I’m hoping in a good way! 


Tamilla Purvis, Stylist

Home schooling, you say? Right now it’s all about drawing pictures and writing stories. And maybe counting how many snacks we have in a day. Because it's a lot. Relentless in fact. And faced with limited trips to the supermarket I fear we may have a situation. Microwave popcorn doesn’t take up space in the pantry. That's my hot tip.

A head start on working first thing in the morning before the energy levels of the boys rise up, is the only way to get everything done. And two socially distanced outdoor trips are imperative while we still can.


Emma Van Haandel, EVH PR

Day one of home schooling going well so far. Two students suspended for fighting, and one teacher fired for drinking on the job. I suggest the COVID-19 Daily School Schedule, Dance Tutorials, Lego for Woody and it’s good to show your children the slide to understanding the virus.


Helena Vestergaard, Model

So, here’s a little song about the whole experience.

For any parents looking for support, these are the learning programs and kids activities that have provided help to our community.

*This is the awesome free curriculum that we use. Everything from preschool activities to 12th grade is here!


Storyline Online

PBS Kids



Turtle Diary

e-Learning for Kids