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We’re reaching new heights of pettiness: Four Seasons Total Landscaping is getting a documentary


Looks like Hollywood is finally giving us something to laugh about. Director Christopher Stoudt is making a documentary about Four Seasons Total Landscaping, titled Four Seasons Total Documentary Variety reports.

Incase the name doesn't ring a bell, perhaps we can jog your memory with the 2020 presidential election. Think: the fly taking residence on Mike Pence's head, Rudy Giuliani's hair dye leaking down his face, and the Trump administration mistakenly holding a press conference in front of a commercial landscaping company's garage door in Philadelphia. That garage door belonged to Four Season's Total Landscaping, a company that was unfortunately and embarrassingly mistaken for the intended press conference location, the Four Seasons Hotel, amid the chaos that was the US 2020 election.

Now, Stoudt has signed on to create an account of what transpired after the business agreed to host the conference in its parking lot. The chaos, will be translated into a documentary that is described as “apolitical” with a “feel-good tone.”

In the film, key executives of the company, including owner Marie Siravo and director of sales Sean Middleton, will reportedly attempt to explain the events leading up to the hilarious debacle for the Trump campaign.

“After such a hard year, everyone needed a moment to laugh,” Stoudt told Variety. “Little did we know it would come from a press conference that took place across the street from a crematorium (down the road from a sex shop). This film is a chance to wipe the slate clean, not just for Four Seasons Total Landscaping, but for the entire country.”

As all smart companies thrust into the limelight by a political faux pas would, Four Seasons Total Landscaping capitalised on the press by making and selling T-shirts and other merchandise. Yesterday, the company was featured in a Super Bowl ad on for the sporting event for Fiverr. We can't wait to see what's next for this humble company!

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