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Take a trip to meet the best bread makers in the world in ‘For the Love of Bread’

For the Love of Bread

On the list of our favourite things, Bread is very close to the top. So, a travel show about bread is just about the most perfect combination we can think of.

Let us introduce you to For the Love of Bread - an immersive journey around the world to discover the best in bread making. It's an eight-part series that will introduce you to the bakers who continue to perfect and innovate the ancient craft of artisan bread making. And yes there, there will be koulouri.


For the Love of Bread


King of sourdough, Andrew Connole runs Sydney artisan bakery Sonoma - and now he's taking us to far off places to discover the world's best bread. In For the Love of Bread, Andrew traces back the story of this staple food visiting places from Athens to Valetta along the way.


For the Love of Bread


For all of us international-travel-deprived free spirits, know that this show takes us to Berlin, Paris, London, Vienna, Copenhagen, London and San Francisco, Valetta and Athens. We'll get to see the stunning sights of these historic cities and be introduced to some of the local food havens. Because after all, food is one of the best things about travelling. And of course, we'll be introduced to the celebrated breads of each city, and emerging culinary trends.

Each country has its own unique cuisine, flavour, style and history. Something that's usually shaped by the local produce, culture, and the people that spend their lives making bread. And many of these treasured stories have never unearthed and told in this way. Get ready for the history of the Maltese pastizi, the multi-cultural origins of koulouri street snacks in Greece and of course the making of the croissant from beginning to end.


For the Love of Bread


Andrew Connole himself has his own unique story. From humble beginnings, he baked loaves in the North Western NSW town of Bellata and sold them at farmers markets in Sydney.  Now he runs one of the country’s leading artisan bakeries, Sonoma. Andrew has been immersed in the world of bread for most of his life.


For the Love of Bread


“I am excited to be leading viewers on this journey. To me bread is more than just a staple, it's a way of life. And I want to share that passion by finding out what inspires the world’s best artisan bakers to create. That’s For the Love of Bread!” said Andrew Connole


Where to watch For the Love of Bread

For the Love of Bread starts on March 7 2021 at 5.30pm on SBS Food and will be available to stream on SBS On Demand. And you can guarantee that we'll be watching.

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