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Postcards from 7 days in one of the world’s best resorts: Forte Village in Sardinia

As the European summer hits, Italians are well known to drop everything and take off to one of the most magical spots on the country's stunning coastline. It's no secret the island of Sardinia is one of their most favoured destinations for long lazy days spent soaking up the sun, swimming, and unwinding by the blue hues of the Mediterranean. Forte Village, a gem discovered by RUSSH's Partnerships Director is the exclusive multi-award-winning resort located on the Southern tip of the island. Here, she shares how she spent seven luxurious days and her trip highlights.



Nestled between the sparkling turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea are luscious resort gardens and a mountain backdrop that showcase some of the best aspects of the rugged beauty of Sardinia. Residing in this oasis is Forte Village, a collection comprising eight luxury hotels, individually designed villas and suites, with one aptly named Village.

Forte Village was originally built in the 70s as a holiday club for sports lovers. The resort has since been renovated and expanded by local architects and materials to elevate the Sardinian aesthetic of the Village.

The Garden Suite I stayed in had a generous-sized room: a main room, a living room (which can also sleep two more) and a balcony with sunbeds overlooking the elegant gardens and sea. The perfect spot for capturing those last precious moments of the sunset as you lounge around before dinner. The village perfectly encapsulates the aesthetics of understated luxury through the natural beauty of Sardinia. You just can't help but feel immediately relaxed in the midst and in awe of its charm.



Hire bikes are definitely the most exciting way to get around and explore the large resort while making the most of the time you have. Like myself, you can easily spend long lazing days relaxing on the beachfront or pool sunbeds. Then at the end of the day, choosing one of the various Village restaurants to wine and dine at. But if you prefer an active holiday or a mix of both, the resort is well-known for its Sports and Arts Academies. Led by some of the world's best professionals, providing experiences that will stay with you long after your holiday has ended. From Tennis lessons with world number one players such as Pat Cash, and Real Madrid Soccer clinics to Fencing, Sailing, Dance, DJ, and Art Academies. There are endless experiences to keep you happy.

I filled my days with relaxation, often alternating between my preferred location: the beachfront Castello pool or the sunbeds by the shore. Even engaging in scuba diving lessons, where I concluded my day with exhilarating water slide activities, a fond day to reminisce on. An essential part of my experience was the visit to Acquaforte Thalasso and the spa, where I indulged in the rejuvenating properties of six Sardinian seawater pools. Each is tempered and infused differently with its own saline and sea oils for a potent detox and relaxation effect. To counterbalance the sumptuous Italian meals, I made a point of visiting the well-equipped resort gym.

Whilst it's hard to leave the Village with its abundance of experiences on offer, nearby the resort is a glimpse of the past you must visit. The archaeological site of Nora is one of the first cities to be founded in Sardinia, while the old town Castello in Cagliari is also worth a walk through to immerse yourself in the ancient buildings and alleyways of the past.



Sardinia is one of the five blue zones of the world. The Sardinian diet specialises in small servings of wine with meals, as they believe it contributes to a long lifespan. The local approach to food and wine is embraced by the Village Restaurants, even collecting fresh produce from their onsite garden.

For lunch, I was perpetually drawn to the breathtaking views, freshly grilled fish or Spaghetti Vongale at the Heink Beck. Another favourite was the Pizzeria with classic dishes such as Caprese di Bufala, and Italian Salads on offer. Alongside were the Italian staples; pasta and pizza.

After long relaxing days, the Cavalieri Restaurant combined a gourmet buffet with live cooking and piano music, while serving local wine and a gelato bar. Perfect for a casual dinner at your own pace. And for something more culturally gastronomic the Ristorante Sardo. Tasting the local dishes and wines from the region is the most memorable way to fully immerse oneself in the Sardinian culture.


After Dark...

The starlit Sardinian evenings were the backdrop for open-air shows, featuring Italian and international entertainers as the Village hosts. The Filming Italy Sardegna Festival was on whilst I stayed, with a treat of Red Carpet appearances, and award ceremonies. Even catching a glimpse of actors such as Laura Dern and Dominic West at the Village.





Travelling light with my trusty Rimowa allowed room for holiday purchases, as the shopping area of Piazza Luisa had one of the biggest and best collections I have seen at a resort. On offer were leading brands, fit for an elegant Italian resort, including Valentino, Balenciaga, Cucinelli, Saint Laurent, Melissa Obadash, Eres, and Zimmerman, along with leading jewellery houses such as Cartier for a memorable purchase.

Whilst the feel of the village is relaxed, come evening the elegance of the resort comes to life with a display of guests dressing their best. Even the pool and bar staff are suitably dressed in Emporio Armani uniforms.

In my Rimowa suitcase on rotation was a Zulu and Zephyr swimsuit, gold framed classic sunglasses, Paolia maxi skirt and top, and the novel: Pomegranate-and-Fig. To fill in all those lazy hours spent lapping up at the magical Sardinian coastline at Forte Village.


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