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Mangia! The Matteo Downtown Spaghetti al Tartufo recipe to cook up this weekend

Matteo Downtown Spaghetti recipe

Pasta is the hearty food we all turn to in the winter. It is a go-to meal for many, with its iterations vast and easily variable based on your current cravings. And as we are still in the depths of winter, what better a time to try make the Matteo Downtown Spaghetti al Tartufo recipe, dreamed up by Head Chef, Adam Szymankiewicz? A resounding “yes chef!” from us on this idea. Below, you will find the complete method and ingredients needed to cook up the delicious recipe at home this weekend. 

Matteo Downtown’s Spaghetti Al Tartufo recipe:



  • Pasta flour 30g
  • Semolina 70g
  • Whole eggs 2ea


  • Butter 20g
  • Pecorino 40g
  • Salty water to add to the right sauce consistency.
  • White truffle paste 5g
  • Fresh black truffles 6g


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  1. Mix semolina and pasta flour.
  2. Add 2 whole eggs, previously whisked. We mix all ingredients together until we get to a "wet sand" consistency. When we get to the point that we are happy about our mix we can transfer the mix to the pasta machine (la Monteria). We think the only shape of dry pasta you can make at home is orecchiette. It's the way pasta is pushed out from the machine. When we say dry pasta, we mean fresh pasta but dry – not fresh egg pasta. It's the difference between pasta for our spaghetti and pasta you would use for lasagne, but also here you can use dry pasta bought in store.
  3. After pasta is made, set up a pot of boiling salted water, and cook pasta for about 3-4min. After this time when pasta is still undercooked, transfer it into a pan with butter and some water and cook it for another 2-3min. At this point, if we have to add some more water, you should use the same water you cooked pasta in.
  4. During these 2-3 when we are cooking pasta in the pan, add white truffle paste and half of the cheese, also at the same time, all the gluten from the pasta will help us with the sauce.
  5. When happy with the sauce consistency and softness of the pasta, start plating. Simply you can use a ladle and fork to create a sort of nest in the ladle and transfer it to the plate.
  6. Finish with the rest of the cheese and freshly shaved truffles.


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