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Model Gabriella Brooks’ complete skincare routine and her obsession with spaghetti

Gabriella Brooks

Model Gabriella Brooks knows a thing or two about skincare. From her supermarket favourites that are on high rotation to the active formulas she swears by. Life as a model is varied - but finding routine in change is important to her. From a weekly spaghetti to stretching morning and night. Read her full beauty breakdown below.


What is your morning beauty routine?

What is your night beauty routine?


Describe what you do for a living? What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m a model, so my days vary a lot. And my routine changes depending on where I am. But a normal shoot day in Australia would look like...

Make coffee, stretch, maybe go for a run, eat breakfast, shoot, swim at the beach, play with my dog, cook something for dinner. I’m obsessed with a Jamie Oliver spaghetti bolognese recipe at the moment. I’ve been making that at least once a week lately.

What is the supermarket/ drug store/ chemist beauty product(s) that you use and love?

What is your main form of beauty body maintenance? What products do you use on your body?

Keeping hydrated! And staying fit. I use Frank Body coffee scrub twice a week, and dry body brush every now and then as well. I use a QV moisturiser for my body and wear Le Tan 50+ coconut sunscreen when I’m in the sun.

How do you keep fit/ healthy? Does exercise form a large part of your routine?

I started reformer pilates this year and absolutely love it. I jog every now and then. And try to stretch morning and night.

What cosmetic procedures/ professional treatments do you have as part of your beauty routine?

I get facials every few months. They help revitalise my skin especially when it’s tired from travelling.

What do you do when your body needs to recover?


You’re tired/ hungover/ rundown: what is your beauty hack?

Rest and drinking a lot of water. Hydralyte helps a lot too!

What is the one non-negotiable in your beauty routine?


Do you have a beauty icon? Who are they and why?

My Grandma! She has the softest, most beautiful skin. 

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

What is the best advice on beauty you’ve received?

Always wear SPF.

What is the best advice on health you’ve received?

Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live.’

What is the one product you can’t live without?

Embryolisse moisturiser.

Sunday Riley Good Genes


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