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Luxury living: 10 fashion houses that also have a homewares line

Fashion is forever, but so is the art of upscaling your home and hearth. We've talked about how quiet luxury has crept back onto the horizon of our nesting inclinations. We've seen firsthand (and documented) that minimalism and fine lines are making a grand return to our own pages. We are long in the advent of the pared down, and perhaps it's time for its influence to fan across how we choose to decorate our homes.

A note to all: quiet luxury doesn't equate to a free-wheeling amount of funds. It's not even the gauche markings of brand logos stamped across every piece of furniture, or pieces that are instantly recognisable like an Eames chair silhouette.

RUSSH native Jas Pirovic says, "I guess, it boils down to what you view to be luxurious. For some that's quality craftsmanship, for others it might be sumptuous fabrications and textures. What most of us will agree on is that quiet luxury is not logomania or instantly recognisable furniture. Each element should feel considered and, in turn, initiate curiosity, especially if the source does not immediate reveal itself."

To that same affect, some of the most sought after luxury houses are following suit: A cavalcade of designer brands are turning their attention towards the sanctity of the home. Trawl through our selects of some of the best of the best in the homewares department.



Striped blankets in mohair and wool, electric-blue coasters in the shape of a shell, and paperweights that resemble non-prickly cacti comprise a portion of Loewe's home offerings. It errs lightly on the side of eclectic without feeling didactic, or too much. Unconvinced? Have a look at Jonathan Bailey's recap of Loewe's Crafted World exhibition with plenty of idiosyncratic highlights from the Spanish house.


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Father, Sun, house of Gucci. Gucci Décor is a collection of furniture and decorative pieces with a tight focus on linen, candles and its iconic herbarium print. Anything velvet upholstered like this Chiavari chair is embossed with the brand iconography of stars and bees.


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Hermès is a champion of clean silhouettes. And, well, of horses. With a core focus on quality of material, the collection of house and home features porcelain fixtures and saddle-stitched leather in their Équilibre d'Hermès section of armchairs, tables and more.


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Ralph Lauren

The house of Ralph Lauren knows its branding. With a penchant for the preppy, we have decanters named Ashton that accompany dice cup sets and throw blankets in deep navy. And what is Ralph without the bear? Get your fix of furry-chic on napkins, rugs and more.


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The Prada pickings are a mix of tea sets, logo cushions and glassware for your next soirée. For those conveniently located in Italy, there's a chance to try before you buy. The Prada Caffe offers a bespoke mint-green experience serving pastries, coffee and more on its iconic fine china.


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It's not gauche if its Versace. An atypical blend of baroque, high-camp and the Venusian, we've got tableware, glasses, and everything in between all stamped with the Medusa's head in champagne and bronze. Their haute collection is opulent, but not overdone.



For an Italian brand that is less full-bodied, we recommend Fendi Casa. Elegant and classic silhouettes converge with state-of-the-art furniture inspired by the House's own greco-roman roots. Think plinths and pillars in the 21st century, pared back with a modern sensibility. We particularly adore the Annabelle armchairs.


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We've been following Acne's cult ascension for a long time. Since the brand launched a homewares line in 2018, it has brought back paperbacks of its own editorial releases, coffee cups and pillows all inspired by the iconic scarf line. Check out the Scandinavian headquarters for a taste of its playful, cutting edge in the home domain.


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The great Christian Dior: "Living in a house which doesn't reflect who you are is like wearing someone else’s clothes." The throughline of Maison Dior is botanical motifs that twine through place mats, candle holders and even ambitiously, hand-painted water glasses. Its home collection is titled as an ode to beauty, and isn't it just so.


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Cashmere throws and hot water bottle covers in houndstooth and checkered print. The snugness of the line comes from its own domestic inflections: don't forget Daniel Lee's 2023 Holiday Collection. With the hallmark of the cosy, be sure to stock up on side accessories before Oceanic winter swoops in.


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