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Looking for a cosy armchair? Here is a selection of our favourites


People speak of "sinking into an armchair" for good reason. All the best armchairs are here to cradle and comfort as we read a book, take a nap or sit wondering how long is too long to be scrolling on TikTok. We wouldn't mind if they looked chic too. These prerequisites also tell us, what an armchair is not. Take the descriptor, hard for example. Why would we want a stiff-backed armchair? That's what dining chairs are for. And anyway, life is difficult enough without an inhospitable place to rest.

In any case, if you're looking to welcome a new armchair into your home, we've gone digging for six statement pieces that meet this brief. From King, Sarah Ellison, Ligne Roset and more...

1. King Oliver Tub Chair


A timeless shape, this option from King will cup your body nicely as you sit back and bliss out. The U-back is easily tucked into a corner, lightening up underutilised space in our homes. It's because of this, that it's also a great option for small homes too. Including bedrooms, studies or tighter spaces. We love that it has a swivel option as well. Who doesn't love an occasional spin?


2. Sarah Ellison Muse Armless Modular Piece


A simple 70s-inspired modular design, perfect on its own or connected to a larger modular lounge from Sarah Ellison. Select from three shades of velvet, dune, agave and caramel, or a oyster-coloured linen to upholster this piece. Either way, its minimal design and sleek proportions make it a dynamic addition to any space. Sometimes the best armchairs don't need armrests at all?


3. Jardan Leeroy Armchair

Jardan may have captured our attention for its modern, thoughtful design, but the reason we keep coming back is that its furniture is made in Australia – in Melbourne actually. The Leeroy armchair stands out for its generous proportions and sumptuous textile options. The sky blue shade is an immediate winner.


4. Ligne Roset Togo Armchair


Ok, if we're really going to get deep about armchairs, let's not forget about the always classic Togo style designed by Michel Ducaroy. It's the example of strong – not watered down – design being the most timeless above all. Composed completely of foam, there are no hard edges to the Togo, which is a nice metaphor and makes for a superior sitting experience.


5. Knoll Wassily Chair

You know the one. Chances are your roommate that works in fashion has one in their bedroom. Designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925 and named after his friend, the painter Wassily Kandinsky, the Wassily Chair was inspired by the steel frame of a bicycle and is widely considered a turning point in modern furniture design.


6. Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

If you've got the funds, you might as well tread where few of us can afford to venture, and bring home the iconic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Instantly recognisable, this lauded piece of design is an enduring favourite. Typically crafted from walnut and black leather, although the most collectible are made from rosewood, it adds an air of sophisticated masculinity to any space. A heartbreaker in our books.

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