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20 last-minute gift ideas for Father’s Day

last minute father's day gifts

As Father's Day approaches, I'm reminded how some of us go through life with an internal calendar, our body calmly alerting us to the various holidays and dates divvied up throughout the year with enough time before they happen. I'd like to be one of these people. But for the rest of us 'chaotic' would be a much more accurate description of our own approach. There are times when no amount of planning or writing dates down can help – well at least that's what it feels like. What, with the many demands of work and daily life, even the most dedicated offspring can find themselves unravelling come the first week of September. Enter: last minute Father's Day gifts.

And so for those of you, where, up until this very moment, Father's Day had slipped your mind, we're here to show some support. Since it's no longer acceptable to hand over a macaroni-necklace and call it a day, we've explored many avenues for the right, if not perfect, gift. While the time for grand or bespoke gesture has run out, there are still many ways to show your father figure they're appreciated. Your best friend during these times, are often those closest in proximity to you. Your local restaurant, your neighbourhood bookstore – there truly is something for every Dad at hand. And for all the gifts that can only be retrieved online, we've made sure to include ones with expedited shipping, pick-up options or e-vouchers. If nothing else, there's always a pair of socks.

Read on for the best ideas for last-minute Father's Day gifts.

D.S. & DURGA I Don't Know What


Apartamento Subscription


SNOW PEAK Quick Dry Hat


SAINT PETER Dinner Voucher




SOLOVAIR Dealer Boot


HARIO Craft V60 Brewing Kit


Tickets to an Evening with David Sedaris


NAC The Wildflower


BAR PLANET Drink Voucher


KUUMBA INTERNATIONAL Sweet Rain Fragrance Freshener




FISHER Space Pen

last minute father's day gifts


COMMA Massage

last minute father's day gifts


AESOP Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm

last minute father's day gifts


Surprise him with flowers

last minute father's day gifts


LA VENENOSA Raicilla Sierra Occidental De Jalisco

last minute father's day gifts


FIELD NOTES Subscription

last minute father's day gifts


MF PEN Clothes Voucher

last minute father's day gifts


The Return, Hisham Matar

last minute father's day gifts

For ideas on how to spend Father's Day we've got you covered. And if you're cooking for your father figure, why not try these Father's Day breakfast recipes.

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