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All the Father’s Day breakfast recipes we’re planning on preparing

Father's day is just around the corner, and nothing says "I love you" like preparing a meal for someone. Some sing "say it with flowers", we say, "say it with food", for what feels more sentimental than a meal you've laboured over? This Father's day, forget gifts of the material kind and lean into this round up of Father's Day breakfast ideas instead. From simple pleasures like beans on toast to more involved recipes like crumpets, there is something to comfort every father figure.

Bacon and Egg Congee

Father's Day might arrive at the same time as spring, but the need for a warming breakfast won't have drifted away just yet. This brainwave from Sydney darling A.P Bakey, mixing the classic bacon and egg with rice rather than bread, is sure to hit the spot. Especially for the fathers whose stomachs resemble bottomless pits.


Simple Buttery Scrambled Eggs by Danielle Alvarez

Sometimes all that's need to impress is just a simple dish whipped up with care. Take Danielle Alvarez's scrambled eggs for example; silky and dripping with butter, they can accompany any spread as a side, or sing all on their own.


Beans on Toast

If your dad is a fan of baked beans, ditch the SPC can and simmer the italian kind low and slow; think borlotti and cannellini. Christen a piece of toast – your pick – with them, and season with your heart. It's not fig season so they're not necessary for this recipe. Just don't forget to soak your beans!


Laila Gohar's Spanish Omelette

Father's Day Breakfast

Potatoes and eggs the classic way. What more could you need? This Spanish tortilla is easy to make and even better to eat.



There is truly nothing like homemade crumpets. Warm, dense and crispy-bottomed, it's the perfect middle ground if your breakfast needs to satisfy both sweet and savoury camps. Slather it in butter and jam, drizzle on some honey, scrape on vegemite, the world's your oyster.


Caramel Apple Breakfast Cobbler

A make ahead breakfast that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Prepare the cardamom-spiced biscuits and the honey caramel apple filling a day in advance, then assemble and bake the cobbler as soon as you wake up for the best of breakfast times.


Japanese Souffle Pancakes

Pancakes, but a special version. Light, fluffy, and relatively easy to make, these pancakes will impress and satisfy by sheer volume.



Nothing says "I put effort in" like making fresh ricotta, and as Gohar says, if you have milk, you can make ricotta. Serve with fresh fruit, smear on toast or pancakes, the world is your oyster.


Roasted Spiced Rhubarb with Dates and Yogurt

Father's Day Breakfast

Luxurious, tangy rhubarb comes together with sticky, sweet dates to create the perfect light breakfast served over yogurt. Try for yourself and thank us later.


Rosa Cienfuegos' Chilaquiles

If like me, your father figure prefers savoury breakfasts then he's going to fall for chilaquiles. Get your hands on some dried Mexican chillies – arbol, morita, pasilla or cascabel work well – create your salsa and follow the guidance from Rosa Cienfuegos.


Blueberry Ricotta Toast

Father's Day Breakfast

Remember that ricotta from above? Here, it is smeared over crusty toast and topped with blueberry compote. Two out of three elements can be made ahead for maximum morning speediness if you so desire.


Bloody Mary

Sometimes Father's Day breakfast is all about the beverage. If your father figure is in the mood to groove, deliver one of these and be the favourite.


Huevos Rotos

Father's Day Breakfast

Didn't we say we loved eggs and potatoes? Here they are in their purest of forms, yet stronger together.



Father's Day Breakfast

Some dads simply want porridge, so make them the best porridge there was. Frederik Bille Brahe will always guide you in the right direction.


Buttermilk Brown Sugar Waffles

Father's Day Breakfast

Does the title not say it all? Light, crisp and easy to throw together, like traditional waffles, but the buttermilk lends tang and the brown sugar an earthy sweetness.


Breakfast Calzones

For the dad who'd die for carbs. Ignacio Mattos of Estela NYC's Breakfast Calzones are like no other. Read his recipe notes for brunch pairing suggestions and be the most impressive at the table.



Father's Day Breakfast

A classic, simple favourite. Saucy, eggy, and delicious. Best served eaten with slabs of crusty bread directly from the pan.


Mango Toast with Hazelnut Pepita Butter

Father's Day Breakfast

For the troppo dad. Does anything sound better? It's like if PB&J had a younger, hotter cousin.


Spiced Fennel Breakfast Sausage

Father's Day Breakfast

For the traditionalist dad. Fennel sausages but DIY. He is sure to be impressed.


Eggs Benedict

Father's Day Breakfast

A triumphant classic if you are willing to take on hollandaise. I promise it's not as daunting as it seems.


A full English breakfast 

A fry-up of all the favourites is a hearty treat, such a classic he won't be able to resist.


Granola and Yogurt

For all the granola-fanatic dads that can't resist their usual, put a home twist to it for a touch of love.


Acai Bowl

Kickstart your dad's morning with this powerhouse of fibre that's also packed with nutrients and flavour. Extra points if the spring weather does its thing and delivers a morning of full sunshine!



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