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Miu Miu offers a deliverance from the dramatic for our ‘Life’ issue

Life is shrouded in perpetual myth. But life is also about constancy. It's about routine, the deliverance from the dramatic, and how oftentimes that mundanity can be beautiful. And what better fashion House than Miu Miu to do so much with simplicity? This tribute to elevated basics was brought to life by the sartorial eye of Charlotte Agnew, and lensed beautifully by Sly Morikawa.

Within the pages of our March Life issue, a rhapsody of casual chic is delivered – knitwear, one-piece briefs, ribbons and jumpers in muted colour-work. The Italian fashion House's Spring Summer collection is muted but playful, Agnew repurposing bracelets to cord forearms and waistlines like buds of colour in bloom. Hair and beauty is threadbare, pared back to subtlety. The Miu Miu muse could be on her way to work. She makes time for a swim in the morning. She flirts with smart casual in her attire, but is timeless with her approach.

Haloed in the soft mid-morning light of Foms Studio, the starched basics of the collection shine through. The backgrounding kept deliberately white and pale oak, but it is clear they are not meant to resemble a set. This could be a studio, but maybe an artist's one. The bags reserve a shining moment of their own, hanging off-shoulder in several shots of the talent. They accentuate but do not take away. When colour is introduced, it is olive-green and bright navy. The colours of the collared shirts, one jersey and one dress shirt are a seamless blend of office-wear and smart casual, a nod to RUSSH's own style ethos: sophisticated but you can let hair let down. There's no strain to be reactionary. There is the basis of careful, measured cadence to dress, and the rest are a testament to what comes to fore when you tend quietly to your own garden.

Everything is as it should be. Something real happens when we let life happen to us.


Left: MIU MIU jumper, pants, shoes and belt. Right: MIU MIU dress and bracelet (worn on belt).


Left: MIU MIU jacket, pants, bag and bracelet (worn on bag). Right: MIU MIU top, briefs and bracelet (worn on briefs).


Left: MIU MIU top, briefs and bracelet. Right: MIU MIU shirt, skirt, bag and bracelet (worn as belt).


Left: MIU MIU top, jumper, dress and jacket and jeans, shoe lace (worn on collar). Right: MIU MIU jacket, pants and bracelets (worn on sleeves).


To experience the Life issue in its entirety, the March edition of RUSSH is available on newsstands from 29 February and through our shop online. Read more about the inspiration behind the issue in Jess Blanch's editor's letter. Wanting to purchase the Life issue in person? Find a stockist near you.

FASHION Charlotte Agnew
MODELS Tatyana Perry, Sandali Jayasinghe
@ Kult Australia, Varsha Kumar @ Chadwick Models
HAIR Kyye Reed @ AP—REPS
MAKEUP Cherry Cheung @ Vivien’s Creative

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Cover image (left): MIU MIU jumper, skirt, briefs, shoes, bag and belt. Cover image (right): MIU MIU cardigan, shorts and bracelet (worn in pocket).