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Editor’s Letter: Introducing the ‘Life’ issue

"All I ever really want to know is how other people are making it through life – where do they put their body, hour by hour, and how do they cope inside of it." – Miranda July



It's still a total mystery.


But you can't help admire the cadence of it.

On those rare occassions when certain things make sense, I've got into a habit of writing them down in the notes on my phone. I put them under – and while I understand this is truly revealing exactly how basic I am – 'Things I now know'.

It goes like...

Smiles are free.

Real estate really does not matter but bookshelves do, a lot.

Bruising is often caused more from the inside than anywhere else.

A horse can hear a human heartbeat from at least four feet away. I love horses.

Some people smooth you out, some do the opposite.

As a rule, the third martini can make an evening of things. Consider takeaway.

The greatest danger we face is surrounding ourselves with people who share the same views – political, ethical, aesthetic – disagreement can be a beautiful thing.

Joan Didion, Sonia Sanchez and Louise Bourgeois all had lines on their faces and were cool with it.

People in grief can be like storm clouds, but don't block them out, for they know depths and you will need them in the heavy rain.

Waking early makes you want to do something noble.

To write, you must read.

And that's it. That's as far as I've got. And in my defence, I have no defence

We dedicate this issue to the unwritten knowings that happen within us every day. The intimate, personal, mysterious expression of love that is life. To each soul that deserves safety and freedom. To the human experience of existence: in all its brutality and beauty.


Experience the Life issue in its entirety this March, available on newsstands from Thursday 29 February 2024, and through our online shop. Find a stockist near you.

FASHION Charlotte Agnew
MODEL Malike El Maslouhi @ The Society Management
HAIR Brigitte Meirin
MAKEUP Yvane Rocher @ WSM
SET DESIGN Emma Sandral
PRODUCTION Kitten Production France

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