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From table to runway: why are we so fascinated with fashion ‘foodcore’?

From supermodel home cooking videos to catwalk cuisine-wear, why are we so fascinated with fashion 'foodcore'?

Fashion and food have always had a complicated relationship – not least for their overt connotations with the body. Both are cultural touch points; moving with trends and acting as conduits for connection, enjoying close association with the concepts of status and morality. Food and fashion are closely interlocked, conversations around 'taste' deeply entrenched in both – either literally or figuratively.

But while the two have shared a long history together (fashion aficionados will remember Elsa Schiaparelli famously created a 'dinner dress' emblazoned with a scarlet-red lobster on its skirt in the late 1930s), it seems those connotations have become more tangible, with fashion's 'foodcore' trend enjoying something of a resurgence at the moment. From Gigi Hadid's viral vodka pasta recipe to food-inspired runway looks from luxury brands, it seems the two have found themselves overlaid in a more substantial way as of late.

Jeremy Scott's Moschino collections are a standout example. “You name a type of food and I’ve created a look around it!” Jeremy Scott once told British Vogue. From Lizzo's chocolate-bar Moschino dress on the Brits red carpet, to the House's notorious McDonalds-themed Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection, Scott has certainly capitalised on our obsession with his camp take on 'cuisine-wear'.



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Loewe did egg-splat heels, and Collina Strada marched a Swarovski crystal-adorned broccoli bag down their Spring Summer 23 runway in New York. Brands like Dauphinette took kitchen kitch to the extreme with their wearable art croissant bag and chain-link spoon dress.

There are also less literal takes to point to, eco-conscious designers like Coperni and Stella McCartney pioneering apple and mushroom leather handbags.



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Off the runway, but still well within the fashion cinematic universe, we've seen a pointed rise in cooking videos from notable runway models. Model Gabriette has become something of a social media culinary star with her viral home cooking videos on TikTok. Gigi Hadid's vodka pasta and sister Bella's salami baguette recipes have also made the rounds online. Iris Law even released her own sell-out cooking zine Home Fries two years ago.



@gabbriettebbDINNER using the best olive oil @lapharmacieduvin and yuzu juice @theyuzuco 1. Scallop crudo with yuzu juice, olive oil, caviar, and smokey matcha salt 2. Bibb lettuce salad with crème fraiche vinaigrette, chives and parsley 3. Castelvetrano olives with burrata, crushed pistachios and olive oil 4. Skillet carabineros with olive oil and lemon♬ original sound - gabbriette



@babybella777The sandwich mentioned :♬ gimme all ur luv - hemlocke springs


This might all be a passing trend, soon to be replaced with another 'insert-term-here-core' revival, but it might also be a healing moment in the relationship between fashion, food and the body; faddish diets and waif-like models perhaps no longer an accepted status quo. Either way, we're excited to herald in this age of food-loving fashion, where we can eat our baguette and wear it too.


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