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There is a new series on climate change coming soon titled ‘Extrapolations’


According to Variety, Apple has put in a series order to an anthology series titled Extrapolations, which, put simply, is about climate change.

The series will be written, directed and executive produced by Scott Z. Burns - who is responsible for producing climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth in 2006 and executive produced the sequel An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power in 2017. You may also recognise his name from films that deal with a myriad of world issues, like The Report, The Informant!, Contagion, Side Effects, and The Laundromat. The upcoming Extrapolations tells a a story of the ways in which our planetary decline will affect us as humans, beyond our health and safety. It will reportedly take an intimate look into the ways love, faith, work and family will be affected by climate shifts from a human perspective over one season of 10 episodes. The episodes will be connected in different ways, and is said to "track the worldwide battle for our mutual survival spanning the 21st century."

Extrapolations is said to have been in production at Apple earlier this year where alongside Burns, Michael Ellenberg will act as executive producer via Media Res, with Greg Jacobs and Dorothy Fortenberry co-executive producing.

“Most of the storytelling around climate change has focused on the science and getting people to accept it,” Burns told Variety. “Our aim with ‘Extrapolations’ is to move beyond science and use drama, comedy, mystery and every other genre to allow us to consider how every aspect of our world is going to be changing in the years ahead. We know the climate is going to change – ‘Extrapolations’ asks, can we change, too?” He says.

This feels like a fresh take on the topic of climate change, and one we are only starting to understand the effects of with the COVID-19 pandemic rendering us lost of so much connection. We'll be keeping our eyes out for updates.

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