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10 shows we’re watching now that we’ve finished ‘Emily in Paris’

Emily in Paris what to watch next

It's been difficult for any of us to ignore the hype that is Emily in Paris. Even if you don't normally consider yourself as a fashion, rom-com lover, the appeal of the wanderlust ridden show is enough to convert any critic. If like us, you devoured the 10 episodes of Netflix's latest hit show in one sitting, you're probably staring into a Darren Star abyss, wondering – what do I watch next?

Fear not, for we have the exact film and television antidotes to cure your Emily in Paris blues.

The secret to Star's latest show's success is fairly simple – a stellar cast (we need to talk about Gabriel), paired with unforgettable fashion moments (we're looking at you, Camille) and a deep longing for travel in a time where the closest we can get to the city of love – or anywhere for that matter – is through the lens of books, films and good restaurants.

While there isn't a single show or film that's exactly the same, there are certainly plenty to explore and re-watch that will transport you to some variant of the Emily in Paris universe. From 90s classics to an endless list of Darren Star masterpieces, here are 10 shows to watch while you wait for Emily in Paris season 2.


Gossip Girl


It goes without saying that Gossip Girl, the series that kickstarted the careers of Hollywood favourites, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, deserved a notable mention on this list. Not only did it receive its own mention in Emily in Paris, but the trials and tribulations of the Upper East Side draw their own comparisons to some of the challenges Emily Cooper experiences herself.


Sex and the City


While Sex and the City certainly seems like a no-brainer, it was impossible for us to not mention Darren Star's cult-classic hit. The show's relevance still proves true today, with the fantastic four – Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda – continuing to reign supreme across pop-culture. There's no doubt that Star took some serious inspiration from Sex and the City when creating Emily in Paris – just look at Emily's outfits!


The Bold Type


Take Emily, Mindy and Camille and transport the three friends to New York City and you have the incredibly binge-worthy show that is The Bold Type. Jane, Sutton and Kat are three best friends who are cutting their teeth at women's magazine, Scarlett. The formidable trio navigate the world of dating, politics and career growth, all while sporting several envious fashion looks.



Another Darren Star creation, Younger is the perfect mix between Emily in Paris and Sex and the CityThe story follows Liza, a 40-year-old single mother and writer who lies about her age in order to secure a job. Filled with memorable fashion moments and a true celebration of female friendship and empowerment, Younger is definitely the next series you should be adding to your list.




This female-led drama follows Anna Paquin's character, Robyn, an American PR spin doctor based in London – who much like Emily, will go to any lengths to get the job done.


The Devil Wears Prada


A precedence for all fashion films and shows to follow, The Devil Wears Prada and Emily in Paris have too many parallels for us not to mention. Not only do both Emily and Andy's bosses initially detest them, but the two main characters are also ridiculed for their fashion choices and both end up in Paris somehow.


The Carrie Diaries


Although criminally underrated, (in our books at least), The Carrie Diaries follows the life of a teenage Carrie Bradshaw growing up in Connecticut in the 80s and her big move to New York City. While there's no Mr. Big in sight just yet, the show certainly delivers in providing plenty fashion moments for us to talk about.


Love Life


Anna Kendrick's latest character in the HBO Max series, Love Life, seems to be struggling to navigate the dating world just like Emily. New Yorker Darby finds herself as the constant target of dating disasters on her quest to find "the one."

Confessions of a Shopaholic

A tried and true favourite of every fashion-obsesee, Confessions of a Shopaholic is the touch of sartorial comic-relief many of us craving right now. The film follows journalist Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher), as she begins a surprisingly successful anonymous column in a finance and savings magazine. Ironic for a girl who loves retail therapy, right?


Katy Keene


An ode to the New York City dream, Katy Keene follows the tale of aspiring seamstress and fashion-designer, Katy Keene as she fights to make her mark in the competitive and cut-throat city of New York.


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