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Here we are again, talking about ‘Emily in Paris’ – find all the best memes about season 3 here

emily in paris season 3

Christmas has arrived early – at least for some of us. Emily in Paris season 3 has landed, and if you've been on this train since 2020, I'm afraid there's no unshackling yourself now. The unhinged drama is simply too good.

To be fair, most of the chaos can be pinned down on two things: Emily, our protagonist's gaudy style and messy romantic life. It's giving Portia from The White Lotus. The rest of the characters on the show are actually good value. Take Camille for example, her more considered approach to fashion steals every scene, and we are living for Sylvie's biting and backhanded remarks – as long as we're not in the firing line ourselves.

In season 3 of Emily in Paris, those of you who have binge-watched all ten episodes will know, things have truly descended into madness. Emily is working for both Savoir and Sylvie's new PR firm, without each party's knowledge of the other. The same theme carries over into her love life, where she ultimately must choose between French heartthrob Gabriel or dishy Brit Alfie. As always, the internet has plenty to say on both subjects. So we're bringing you a degustation of all the best memes about Emily in Paris so far, below.


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