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Emily in Paris has graced us once again and we’re already gearing up for season 3 – here’s what we know so far

Emily in Paris is back and frankly we've missed her tousled waves and voluminous gingham sleeves. The much anticipated second season dropped 10 episodes on Netflix just in time for our holiday binge watch period. The second season kicks off with our favourite Marketing Exec, Emily once again bumbling her way through the city of love. And love is certainly still firm on the agenda this season with yet another triangle. This time involving her French Beau Gabrielle and British financier, Alfie.

The season winds up with a dramatic cliffhanger, with the fate of Emily's life in Paris in question. Will she take the promotion with Savoir or will she stay in Paris and take the position with Sylvie's new agency?

Thankfully, for us fans the the confirmation of a third and fourth season has just been announced. Netflix has just revealed two more seasons are coming. Given the past two seasons have been held 13 months apart, we'd say it's looking good for another Christmas with Emily this year. While we anxiously await any confirmation on exact dates. Here is what we know so far.


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Will Emily stay in Paris?

According to Showrunner Darren Starr, this is something still up in the air. The Younger and Sex and the City alum has made it clear that whatever Emily chooses will be authentic to her character. He made it known that no decision made will be one that can be tied up into a neat little bow, and not everyone will be pleased with her direction. The title star seems to be in firm agreement here. Lily Collins reiterated that she would be open to Emily seeking new horizons stating that while she has no idea of the outcome, she knows it will be filled with a lot of drama, and excitement.


Will we see the return of a former flame?

Some of the actors have expressed interest in returning including Emily's latest love interest Alfie, played by Lucien Laviscount. The actor made it clear that he would love to be included if their relationship could be developed authentically. It's unknown if Starr would like the inclusion of a new love interest in addition, but given Emily's path it seems likely.


What can we expect in the fashion department?

As always fashion is always high on the agenda with this show. This season was spearheaded once again by Patricia Field the Sex and the City costume designer. Working alongside Field was Marylin Fitoussi. Fitoussi expressed expanding on her style repertoire, stating, season 3 would be a great time to revisit some of Emily's famous looks with a new spin. Sustainability being an important focal point for the costume designer moving forward.

Until then, we'll just have to eat our almond croissant and relive all the glorious fashion moments we've been dished thus far. You can see a recap of some of our favourite looks from the most underrated fashion icon of the show here.

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