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‘Echoes’ on Netflix has the internet understandably baffled

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It's been barely a week since Echoes dropped on Netflix, and the crime series already has the internet understandably spinning out.

For those who are yet to gorge on Echoes, it's a limited series (although given its success this could change) consisting of seven episodes in total. More importantly, it follows two identical twin sisters Leni and Gina who have spent majority of their lives, unbeknownst to their loved ones, switching places – the consequences of which surface when Leni suddenly goes missing. If it sounds like a darker version of The Parent Trap, that's because it is.

Michelle Monaghan doubles as both Leni and Gina, while Matt Bomer (or is that Henry Cavill?) plays Leni's loving, vet-farmer husband Jack. Meanwhile, Australian director Vanessa Gazy is behind the lens after having delivered us the Stan drama Eden.

Part of the confusion stems from the double-act between Leni and Gina. Given that Monaghan plays both characters, the internet is of the shared consensus that it's hard to follow exactly who's who. Sure, that's sort of the point, but there are no small details for the audience to latch onto, say with a colour palette or tattoo, that distinguish one sister from the other. Embrace the chaos, we say. After all, the confusion has made for an entertaining morning on Twitter. Find our favourite reactions to Echoes below.






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