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Can Jeremy Allen White take on the Boss?

Deliver Me From Nowhere. Jeremy Allen White rumoured to be taking on Bruce Springsteen for his next role.

It might not be Zendaya but someone is definitely taking care of our little white boys. Timothée Chalamet is out on the streets of New York City masquerading as Bob Dylan. As for Jeremy Allen White? Variety has caught wind that the actor is in talks to play the lead role in a biopic about Bruce Springsteen. Next someone is going to announce Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott will take on Oasis... that's quite good actually.

What is Deliver Me From Nowhere about?

So what do we know about this Bruce Springsteen movie? Currently titled Deliver Me From Nowhere, the project has been billed as a narrative feature that follows Springsteen during the creation of his 1982 album Nebraska – which Springsteen considers his best work to date.

The film will take the lead from Warren Zanes’ 2023 book of the same name, which weaves together conversations with the Boss himself, and musical insiders like Rosanne Cash to Steven Van Zandt around the album's significance. We can only guess the film will invite us into process of creating Nebraska, and the turbulent environment Springsteen's sixth studio album was conceived in. It's likely that the movie will also touch on "the beginnings of a mental breakdown that Springsteen would only talk about openly decades after the album’s release," per the book's blurb.

Who else is involved?

Nothing's set in stone, but Variety has reported that Scott Cooper, the director behind Netflix's Edgar Allan Poe film The Pale Blue Eyeis being courted to write and helm the project. A24 is also eyeing off the film, though we'll have to sit tight to see if any of this interest sticks.

The real question is whether White will sign off on the project. Calvin Klein has proved the actor looks great in a pair of jeans and a cotton tank. So consider that part of the audition process settled. But can he sing?

The actor has been busy with the third season of The Bearand was celebrated for his role in A24 wrestling film The Iron Claw.

Is there a release date?

It's too early to say. Watch this space for more.

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