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Sally Rooney’s ‘Conversations With Friends’ is coming to a screen near you


This just in. Or rather, this recently in that was shadowed by the success of Normal People’s airing late last month. Sally Rooney’s debut novel, Conversations With Friends will also be adapted into a TV show. C/o the very team that brought Normal People to life on screen and to such triumph – Executive producer Ed Guiney, Director Lenny Abrahamson and co-writer/icon Rooney herself – the upcoming adaption is allegedly in the works.

While we can only hope for some closure between Connell and Marianne as we pray for some kind of limited-series extension (mostly just to see Connell and his chain be rampantly horny once again), the pseudo-sequel, and almost equally as horny, Conversations With Friends will have to do. Rooney’s debut novel was well-received when it was published in 2017, giving her an already faithful fanbase to release Normal People to, which was lapped up with the same fervour the world developed towards Connell’s silver necklace in the screen adaptation.

Irish director, Lenny Abrahamson who helmed Normal People’s success has told BBC (who Conversations With Friends will be adapted for) “I love Conversations With Friends, its depth, humour and freshness, and it’s an honour to be involved in bringing it to the screen. I’m particularly happy that my connection to Sally and her work is set to continue. Making Normal People has been a singular pleasure and I’m excited to be working with the same brilliant team again on Conversations With Friends.”. An apt description of Rooney’s first novel, although Conversations With Friends doesn’t quite carry the same die-hard fan base as Normal People perhaps now has, we can see this changing once aired. The story follows Frances, a young writer and best friend Bobbi, who find themselves orbiting creative older couple Nick and Melissa. Rooney takes us on a journey of lust, friendship, and the complications of adulthood as the four are entangled together, breaking each other apart and filling in the wrong cracks.

The production is apparently still going ahead despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will be here, waiting patiently until it airs.

Image credit: @normalpeoplehulu